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Flex Seal Review

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Leaks are never a good thing, and often times they can lead to a lot of damage in a short amount of time. That’s why sealing leaks as quickly as possibly is of the utmost importance. Flex Seal is a new solution to leaks all over the home. This review will take a critical look at this unique product to see just how effective it can be.

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Flex SealPROS:

  • Applies instantly.
  • Easy to use spray can.
  • Flame and weather resistant.
  • Waterproof.
  • Remains effective year after year.


  • Larger cracks may need multiple coats.
  • Nozzle needs cleared after use.

Flex Seal: What It Is and How It Works

At its core, Flex Seal is liquid rubber in a spray canister meant to fix leaks, cracks and small holes. Each can is filled with liquid rubber that, when sprayed, coats a surface with dark black material in order to seal it. The black liquid rubber instantly fills into any small cracks and crevices and almost instantly prevents water and other liquids from seeping out.

Each large canister can be used to cover an area of up to eight square feet or more depending on how thick of a coating is applied. It’s also very easy to use, as you simply hold the canister approximately 14 inches away from the surface you wish to seal. For best results, the spray canister should be kept at above 60 degrees Fahrenheit and may be used to coat an area several times as needed. The canister states that for best results, it should also be applied to an area slightly larger than the crack or hole itself.

Benefits of Flex Seal

While the idea behind Flex Seal seems fairly simple, it’s actually fairly amazing in practice. It’s hard to find any competing product that is as versatile at sealing leaks as this one. For starters, it can be used on both wet and dry surfaces. This is extremely important if the leak is constant and in danger of causing immediate damage. It’s also effective on nearly any type of material. Wood, metal, rubber and ceramics are all compatible with the product. Since it’s completely waterproof, it can stop leaks of all kinds in no time.

Flex Seal Review

Even though it’s unmatched in its versatility of sealing cracks, it’s also quite adept at standing the test of time. Flex Seal uses a unique liquid rubber that is actually designed to strengthen over time instead of weakening. In addition to its waterproofing properties, the rubber is also flame and heat resistant. It’s also resistant to the cold, meaning that it functions just as well no matter the weather. Whereas some competing products might begin to crack or drip in extreme temperature, the unique sealant used by this product can withstand almost anything.

For those who don’t have any cracks or leaks needing sealed, Flex Seal can be still be useful. Since the product is a rubber sealant, it can be sprayed on metal to help prevent corrosion. It’s also useful to help deaden sound and vibration on a surface, making it ideal for soundproofing projects. Some use it as a preventative measure on their home’s foundation, stopping any potential leaks before they can even start. In nearly every area, it shines as a truly useful product for any home handyman.

Does it Live Up to Its Claims?

When a product claims to do as much as Flex Seal does, it’s okay to be a little skeptical. Once it’s seen in action, however, all doubts are washed away. Despite the product stating to allow a few hours to dry, results are noticeable in just a few minutes. While it appears to be stronger over time, the rubber used in the product definitely seems to be fast acting as well. The rubber feels a bit springy at first, however it soon becomes apparent that it is extremely durable despite its flexibility.

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Even though it works perfectly, some users may be bothered that it is only available in black. Thankfully, the manufacturer thought ahead and made sure that the product is 100% safe to be used with paint. It takes surprisingly little effort and painting ability to easily cover up the sealant wherever it’s used. This method is actually preferable to having the product come in several colors, as paint is far cheaper than colored rubber and it can more easily be matched to a user’s exact specifications.


This is one of those few products that is actually better than the ads make it out to be. Whether you need to fix a problem leak or are simply trying to be prepared for one in the future, Flex Seal is well worth the investment. Everyone should have a can in their toolbox.


  1. Tom Meikle says

    Can this be used to seal the inside of a camping cooler/freezer that has a leak ? Is it safe to use in this situation?

    • Graded Reviews says

      That’s a great question. I see no reason why you couldn’t use it. Flex Seal becomes solid after drying. Just make sure you aerate the cooler after spraying, and it should be fine.

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