Discover If You Can Move a Ton With The Forearm Forklift Moving Straps

Have you ever tried to move heavy furniture or appliances but struggled to do so? Have you accidentally scratched floors or walls, or worse, dropped heavy items while trying to move them? If so, the forearm forklift may be the solution for you!

This product enables you to easily and efficiently move heavy items that you previously would have had difficulty moving. With the forklift, you use the power of your forearms to help you move cumbersome, bulky, and/or heavy items with ease.

This product is excellent for both men and women who are having difficulty moving heavy household items. Today, we are reviewing the Forearm Forklift and telling you about all the pros and cons associated with this product.


  • The product itself is lightweight, easy to fold, and easy to store in a door, closet, or other small area
  • The straps are made of heavy duty nylon material and it is very durable
  • The product has adjustable straps that provide leverage when lifting items
  • The straps can be adjusted to accommodate small, medium, large, and extra large furniture and appliances
  • The straps can assist with carrying and moving items weighing up to 700 pounds
  • Items may feel up to 66% lighter when you use the forklift straps
  • The straps can be adjusted up to 48 inches
  • The straps can be use to assist in securing items in a car or truck while they are being moved
  • The straps come in orange and pink. The bright colors make the straps easy to spot
  • The straps are 9 feet long


  • Some customers experienced discomfort and forearm pain when using the product
  • The straps may not be long enough for some users
  • Some find it difficult to use when moving items up or down steep stairs or stairs with railings
  • Wider items can be a bit more difficult to move even with the use of the product
  • You typically need two people working together in order to move items with the forklift straps
  • You can’t use the straps to lift people

Forearm Forklift: What is it?

Forearm ForkliftThe Forearm Forklift is an As Seen on TV product available to be purchased on the official product website as well as Amazon and other retailers. This product was created to help people move heavy, bulky, and unusually shaped furniture, appliances, and other items. This product can help prevent floors, walls, and other surfaces from being scratched or dented while in the moving process. The Forearm straps makes heavy items feel up to 66% lighter! You can use the forearm forklift moving straps to assist you in moving sofas, exercise equipment, refrigerators, televisions, and so much more.

How Well Does the Forearm Forklift Work?

The Forearm straps have excellent reviews from users and it works quite well. In fact, some customers have stated that they would not have been able to move furniture and appliances without the use of these moving straps! Men and women both agree that this product is effective and easy to use. That being said, individuals who have weaker arms may not find this product quite as helpful as individuals who have greater levels of arm strength. Some individuals who have back problems find that they are still able to help move items with the use of this product. In fact, a few customers referred to this product as a “back saver!”

Potential Drawbacks

Some individuals feel that the forearm straps put too much strain on their forearms and eventually causes discomfort and pain. However, this was not a common complaint about the product. Also, some individuals who ordered the product from Amazon received knock-off versions of the forearm straps. The knock-offs were not effective. You typically need two people working together to move items with this product. That being said, you may be able to move some small items on your own with the help of the forklift. You may wonder how the shoulder dolly vs forearm forklift compare. The shoulder dolly generally works better with items that are more unusually shaped.

Is the Forearm Forklift A Good Product for You?

All in all, the Forearm Forklift is a good product. The product has consistently positive reviews from customers. The product typically retails for anywhere from $11.47 to $20.00 We suggest using the manufacturer’s official site here to ensure you get the real product and not some cheap knock off. This is a very good value for the product, especially if this product enables you to move furniture and items on your own without having to hire professional movers. This product is also helpful if you want to avoid scratching, denting, or damaging household surfaces when you move your items around. The product can be used to move many different household items. The forearm straps are made of quality, durable material that will last for many years and moves. The product also promotes proper lifting techniques which should help minimize injury associated with lifting.

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