Free Flexor Review

Building upper-body strength can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to evenly work all of your muscles at the same time. Many exercise machines and expensive DVDs claim to be able to help, but very few seem to do the trick. A revolutionary dumbbell known as the Free Flexor may be the product fitness buffs have been waiting for. But can this product live up to its claims?


Free FlexorPros:

  • Over 20 workouts
  • Portable and affordable
  • Works multiple muscles at once
  • Circular strength technology
  • Includes free DVD


  • Doesn’t work lower-body
  • For adult use only

How the Free Flexor Works

While the Free Flexor retains the basic shape of a standard dumbbell, the similarities end there. This product changes everything you knew about dumbbells for the better, allowing it to work nearly your whole upper-body at once. Each end of the Flexor dumbbell contains a weighted red ball that provides the resistance to help build muscles. The balls aren’t stationary, however; they’re attached to flexible bars that allow it to move the weights to move up, down and all-around.

As the weights spin and flex, your muscles are worked at nearly every angle imaginable. This is a big difference from standard dumbbells, which are designed to work your arm muscles at only one angle. As they rotate and flex, the circular strength technology works to make your muscles contract at speeds of up to 300 times per minute. And since this product is designed to work in various ways, there are over 20 workouts that you can do with just one Free Flexor dumbbell.

In addition to the revolutionary flexible dumbbell itself, each product also comes with a DVD. This free workout DVD comes with exercises you can do to get the most out of your new purchase. It will also teach you how to use the product properly in order to bulk up fast. Though it may only be 10 minutes long, it will teach you everything you need to know to build your own exercise routine with your new flexible dumbbell.

Features and Benefits

The most obvious benefit that the Free Flexor offers is that it provides a total upper-body workout in one affordable and portable device. Many expensive workout machines on the market promise to work every muscle in your upper-body, but not only do they all too often fail to deliver, they are also bulky and expensive. With the Flexor dumbbell, you can do over 20 different workouts and build muscle at almost any time. The product is small enough to take with you anywhere and it won’t take up a huge space in your home.

Free Flexor Reviews

Another shining point of the Free Flexor is just how durable it is. It’s designed to be used, and used extensively, every day without tearing or breaking. Since the Flexor dumbbell must withstand the centrifugal forces of each weighted ball, it has to be made with the highest quality material available. This means that you’ll be able to use your dumbbell for years to come, even if you use it for hours every day.

Lastly, the Free Flexor saves you time on you total workout. Rather than spending time working each muscle in your upper-body individually, you can work them all out at once with just a few different workouts using the flexible dumbbell. This is especially beneficial to men and women that live an on-the-go lifestyle, allowing them to fit exercising into their busy schedules. It also means you’ll have more time to focus on the other areas of your body that may need work, such as your thighs and calves.

Is It Worth the Money?

Simply put, the Free Flexor is one of the most valuable and affordable tools you can put in your workout arsenal. It’s fast, effective, and portable. Even though there are more expensive alternatives available, there isn’t much that can compare with the power and versatility that the flexible dumbbell can provide. This product could become a market leader in terms of upper-body strengthening.

What also makes the product so valuable is that it is much more likely to last than the competing exercise machines on the market. Exercise machines are not only expensive, they are filled with complicated parts that are in constant need of replacement or repairs. That’s not the case with the Flexor dumbbell, as it is designed with simplicity in mind, meaning no parts will need to be replaced. Overall, it’s a great value for your money and well worth a try.


The Free Flexor is possibly one of the most cost-effective products on the market today for working your upper-body. With a unique design and revolutionary abilities, it is sure to be a hit among fitness buffs and amateurs alike.