GloveLite Flashlight

GloveLite Flashlight Have you ever had to work in the dark, on a home repair or DYI project? How easy was it for you to see what you were doing? How easily did you manage to balance a flashlight, tools, and other items? What if there was one product that could free up your hands, while also generate a sufficient amount of light for you to see what you’re doing? In comes the GloveLite Flashlight, an innovative As Seen on TV product. Our GloveLite Flashlight looks at all the important aspects regarding this product, from durability to effectiveness.


–          Provides ample lighting and is suitable for a wide range of purposes.

–          It is handy, practical, and useful.

–          It’s easy to clean and waterproof.


–          Some users report issues with the GloveLite Flashlight’s battery compartment.

–          Batteries reportedly do not align well, which makes the GloveLite not work.

GloveLite Flashlight: What Is It?glovelite-flashlight-review02

The GloveLite Flashlight is marketed by its producer as “the flashlight you can’t drop”. The product, designed and patented by Paul N. Smith, a former professional airline pilot, is the winner of the Best Product Concept, at the 2012 National Hardware Show. Essentially, it is a flashlight incorporated into a glove. The product comes in several options: medium, large, and over-glove, for right-handed and left-handed individuals, and it is unisex. Its two 5,000 mcd LEDs shine bright lights and promise to make working under sinks, at night, in dark corners, and under car hoods a genuine breeze. The glove itself is made of neoprene and can be secured with a comfort fit closure at the wrist. It is machine washable and  uses two button cell batteries, which come included with the product.

How Well Does the GloveLite Flashlight Work?

The GloveLite Flashlight has at least one glowing online review. The reviewer in question tested out the product quite thoroughly and found it was much easier to operate in the dark with the GloveLite Flashlight, than under any other circumstances, i.e. with a normal flashlight. He even recounts having tried to juggle several items plus a flashlight, as well as trying to hold said flashlight between his teeth. Needless to say, it’s much easier to wear the light in question on his hands. He also says the device was inadvertently tested underwater, too, by his daughters, who found it to work very well. Of course, his opinion is not unanimously shared by all buyers, as we explain and illustrate below.

Potential Drawbacks

glovelite-flashlight-review03As one online GloveLite Flashlight review states, though the product is machine washable, it should be removed before the actual spin cycle on your washing machine. Some users report having encountered problems with the battery compartment, which proved difficult to open and close. Similarly, other users saw issues with getting the batteries to align, which, in turn, made the GloveLite Flashlight not work. Many also complained about the high price and expensive shipping costs, which, in their view, made the product not worth the expense, all in all.

Is the GloveLite Flashlight Good for You?

All in all, our GloveLite Flashlight review comes to a positive verdict – albeit one with a few amendments. The product is somewhat pricey and may require some fiddling with before it works. Yet the durability of the material it is made of, as well as the fact that it is waterproof make it a fairly good choice, once everything is said and done. What’s more, the concept is too good to pass up, especially for those who know they have to work in the dark frequently – be they pilots, drivers, cyclists, or simply people who frequently experience power outages.

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