What Does The GOLO Diet Consist Of? Why Is It Different?

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What Does The GOLO Diet Consist Of?

There has been a great deal of hype around the GOLO Diet. Fad diets come and go. They all claim to be revolutionary, but some are just a flash in the pan. What is the deal with the GOLO diet? As always, people are skeptical about its efficacy.

What is the foundation behind its claims? Does the diet have any staying power? To answer these questions, you need to understand the science behind the GOLO system. When you know how GOLO works to help people lose weight and keep weight off you can form an educated opinion around the effectiveness of the weight loss plan.

We found out what the GOLO diet entails and how to successfully lose weight with this plan. We discovered why GOLO is making a buzz and how it is different from other weight loss systems.

Who Is The GOLO For?

GOLO is for anyone struggling to lose weight through conventional diet and exercise. Someone who is putting in the work to lose weight and consistently not seeing results.

Do you struggle to keep weight off if you have lost it?

Are you an emotional eater?

Golo diet

Do you have digestive problems?

Do you have poor sleeping habits or poor quality of sleep?

According to GOLO, the people who fit this bill, are likely victims of hormonal imbalances or metabolic issues that are hindering their weight loss. The GOLO Diet can help level out these imbalances and get the metabolism working effectively.

But most importantly, GOLO is more than just a diet, it is truly a lifestyle change. And it is for those who are seeking to improve their overall health as well as trim their waistline.

Why Is It Different?

The GOLO Diet works by improving or repairing the metabolism, because a healthy, efficient metabolism stores less fat. It’s that simple. If your metabolism is ineffective, you will utilize less energy for immediate use and store calories as fat instead.

A person with a sluggish, ineffective metabolism is going to experience low blood sugar and feel hungry often, because their body isn’t properly using the energy it has consumed. They will then be inclined to eat more, further inhibiting their weight loss efforts

This may sound obvious, but there is a lot of misconception and misunderstanding around metabolism.

The Truth About Metabolism

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We know our metabolism affects how easily we lose or gain weight. But most of us don’t really understand why this is so. People are not simply blessed or cursed with a fast or slow metabolism.

Genetics can certainly play a role in the effectiveness of our metabolism, but it is mostly affected by lifestyle factors and habits. For instance, skipping meals will cause your body to store fat. Eating unbalanced meals will destabilize blood sugar and insulin levels. If you fall victim to poor eating habits like these regularly, your metabolism will suffer.

We know that metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, affect hormones and make weight management more difficult. But why? Because insulin resistance makes fat easier to store and more difficult to burn.

These are factors that are nothing to do with a speedy or sluggish metabolism. In fact, GOLO works on the idea that weight gain has very little to do the speed of your metabolism at all.

Rather what is important is how effective your metabolism is. It is about the way your body is metabolizing energy and storing energy. Where is the body sourcing energy from? And is the body effectively using the energy? These answers can be found in hormone regulation.

Hormone Regulation And Its Impact On Maintaining A Healthy Weight

Our hormones affect our body functions in many more ways than we realize.

Insulin is what regulates your blood sugar and your metabolism. Keeping your insulin levels steady throughout the day, keeps your blood sugar levels and your metabolism stable. You can efficiently metabolize the food you have consumed and not feel the hunger and cravings you feel when your hormones are out of balance.

We all know how tired and maybe even grouchy we feel when we’re hungry because our blood sugar is low. Our body needs energy. And we’ve all experienced a “sugar high” from sugary treats. In that case our body has excess energy.

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So, they key to avoiding these highs and lows is cultivating a healthy, stable metabolism. The first step is consuming the right foods to nourish your body properly. And doing so with the correct portions and at the best times for your body to effectively digest the food and metabolize the energy.

The GOLO plan takes a simple concept and puts it into an actionable strategy to lose weight and keep the weight off. The GOLO diet uses simple, healthy, real meals. Not shakes or replacement meals. You eat a balanced, measured diet of healthy food. Following GOLO’s eating regimen will keep your blood sugar stable and allow you metabolism to stabilize.

In addition to disciplined eating and exercising, GOLO regulates insulin with the help of Release.

Release Explained

Release is meant to be used with the GOLO Plan to maximize the benefits of the GOLO Diet.

Release is a nutraceutical, not a diet pill. It is a combination of plant ingredients and minerals designed to improve metabolic function by regulating insulin.

Release is made from natural ingredients expertly combined with perfect dosages to optimize the benefits from the ingredients. The ingredients work together to create an effective tool for hormone regulation. Among the headlining ingredients are Banaba Leaf Extract, Rhodiola Rosea, zinc and chromium.

Banaba Leaf Extract directly enhances proper, natural blood sugar management. Rhodiola Rosea helps with fatigue and endurance. Chromium also supports glucose metabolism. And Zinc is important for storage and distributing insulin. It also has antioxidant benefits and is essential for a strong immune system.

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Release has been proven safe and effective. It even boasts having met the high-quality standards Health Canada. And Release has demonstrated other positive functions beyond metabolism enhancement. Release reduces oxidative damage and promotes the bodies inflammatory response for effective cell function and communication. Release also supports cognitive function, formation of connective tissue, maintenance of DNA synthesis and healthy bones, hair, skin and nails.

Release is safe for long-term use, but once your metabolism has stabilized, there’s no need to continue with Release. It is simply a tool to improve your metabolism. According to GOLO, once the lifestyle changes are made, your metabolism will remain steady and effective.

Overall Health

The GOLO Plan is about overall wellbeing and lifestyle enhancement.

Think about it, when you’re not well rested you don’t have energy for exercise and you tend to make poor choices with our diet. Eating poorly and being sedentary don’t simply have a negative impact on your physical body, they affect your mental state as well. A compromised mental state, depression or stress, decreases the quality of your sleep and disrupts your hormonal balance creating a vicious and unhealthy cycle.

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The good news that positive changes have an aggregate effect too. Positive change begets positive change. As you lose weight with GOLO, you will gain energy, improve your sleep quality and the functions of your body system will improve, helping you to maintain your weight loss.

You’ll experience improved digestion, a strengthened immune system and reduced inflammation in the body. With improved digestion your body can metabolize food more effectively and therefore maintain a healthy weight. And a strong immune system keeps the body and metabolism strong. Our bodies and minds are a complex, integrative system that must be in balance to live a healthy life.

Burning Fat Instead Of Muscle

Another misconception around weight is the way we burn calories.

We assume if we use more energy than we consume, the energy discrepancy will come from stored fat. But it is more complicated than that.

If the body lacks immediate energy, it will use muscle tissue for energy rather than burning through fat stores, because it is easier to breakdown muscle tissue for energy before stored fat. So, if we starve ourselves and over exercise, we’re not likely to actually burn fat. You will lose weight, but weight from muscle.

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Muscle tissue requires energy, so maintaining muscle mass will help you keep a healthy weight in the long run. The long-term goal is to build muscle and burn fat, which you can’t do simply cutting calories.

Because of this, GOLO does not recommend cutting calories while you are trying to lose weight. In fact, GOLO suggests eating more, so your body has the immediate energy it needs for fuel while your metabolism adjusts. As your metabolism improves, your body will start burning into your fat stores.

You need to eat healthy, nutrient dense foods to fuel your body properly. Anything shocking to your system isn’t going to yield the desired results. This is why crash diets fail. Weight loss is a slow process, but if done correctly it can truly can last.

GOLO has created a weight loss system that goes beyond standard dieting.

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