GoPilot Portable Urinal

GoPilot Portable UrinalEver had to drive for miles, miles, and miles at a time? Have you ever been worried that you’d never make it to a public toilet in time to relieve yourself? As any professional driver or pilot would tell you, this is a real issue that they deal with on a regular basis. Similarly, the seriously ill, who are bed-ridden and cannot make it in time to a urinal or toilet by themselves also needed a product that could help them in such situations. This is where the GoPilot steps in – an As Seen on TV product that can be purchased on the producer’s website, as well as online, off Amazon or eBay. Our GoPilot Portable Urinal review looks into the specifics of this product, in an attempt to figure out if it’s as safe and easy to use as its producers claim.


–          It comes with a flexible tube, which can be bent at any angle.

–          The tube stays in the shape you bend it.

–          Useful both for long-haul drivers, as well as for bed-bound individuals.

–          Very secure caps.

–          Lightweight and easy to carry around discretely.

–          Odorless.


–          The tube of the device is not entirely flexible.

–          Can only be properly used by males.

GoPilot Portable Urinal: What Is It?GoPilot-Portable-Urinal-review03

The GoPilot Portable Handheld Urinal is a device that promises to provide aid and relief to all those who travel for long spans of time and need to urinate in a clean, portable device. The device comprises a container which can hold up to a quart of liquid and can also be stowed away after it has been folded up like an accordion, a tube that can be adjusted as per space constraints, and two caps which promise no leakage. It weighs 10 pounds and measures 9 x 5 x 6 inches. According to the producers it is easy to clean and can be stored away without any problems. The delivered package also includes a grey mesh bag, which is discreet enough not to reveal its contents. The company that makes the product explains that it can be used by anyone, irrespective of their physical state, sitting, standing, or lying down.

How Well Does the GoPilot Portable Urinal Work?

The one GoPilot Portable Urinal review we found says this product works like a charm and is ideal for drivers, pilots, and just about anyone who’s out on the open road for a long time. As far as products for drivers go, this one seems to be almost unanimously useful and good quality. One buyer, user, and reviewer says it can also be safely used at home (during long bouts of gaming, for instance). Others spoke positively of the item’s flexible tube, which allows the GoPilot Portable Urinal to really be used in any given position. Others, still, applauded the makers of this device for the anti-leakage caps which are durable, safe to use, and actually work as promised. To boot, one mother of young boys claims she always brings the device along on trips, as it’s far superior to any public toilet. She also states that the product is easy to clean and odorless, as opposed to said toilets.

GoPilot-Portable-Urinal-review03Potential Drawbacks

There aren’t that many downsides to the GoPilot Portable Urinal, it seems. When the product was first launched many decried the fact that it’s made specifically for men and awaited the release of the female version, which has since hit the market. It should also be noted that the tube of this portable urinal isn’t entirely flexible, so it might prove more difficult to use in certain situations.

Is the GoPilot Portable Urinal Good for You?

The verdict of our GoPilot Portable Urinal review is that the product really does provide aid and relief to those seeking an on-the-go solution to their physiologic needs. The product is easy to conceal, not at all difficult to stash away and carry around and can be easily cleaned for reuse.

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