Gripgo Review

gripgo-review01You may not own a car with a built-in GPS and even if you do, sometimes it is very hard (if not downright impossible) to update and upgrade the maps. So you either get a mountable GPS or use your smartphone to do the trick and get you where you want to arrive. However, holding your phone in your hand, especially if you drive alone, is dangerous and uncomfortable, so following the same logic, you would need a portable device that can be mounted on your windshield or car dash to hold safely your phone or GPS.  You have probably seen the Gripgo Universal Car And Phone Mount on TV or in online commercials. If you have wondered what it would be like to own a device that ensures your mobiles stick firmly and do their jobs, while not being concerned about them not fitting or falling down whenever you meet a speed bump, read on for our Gripgo review.


–          It grips any type of phone or GPS device, no matter its size or shape

–          You can detach easily the phone without its surface being sticky

–          Comes together with adhesive discs to stick to the dashboard

–          It’s flexible on rotation, being able to turn 360 degrees for choosing the right angle

–          The price is more than affordable


–          To mount the device on the dashboard you need the adhesive discs, as the suction cup doesn’t have such powerful grip

–          The suction cup mounted on the glass windshield might lose the grip if the windshield is exposed to sun rays and hence high temperatures

Gripgo Universal Car And Phone Mount: What Is It?

The Gripgo pack consists in the car mount, adhesive disks and instruction sheets. It can be used for talking over the phone in case you don’t have it connected to a car speaker system or to replace the classic GPS device with your cell phone. It has a suction cup to fix it on a surface and a sticky grip surface to place your device against. It doesn’t require supplemental tools or tinkering.gripgo-review02

How Well Does The Gripgo Universal Car And Phone Mount Work?

Gripgo proves itself quite useful especially if mounted on the glass windshield of your car and the sticky surface indeed holds the phone or the GPS in the right position, without falling, even if you speed up, meet bumps in the road or take tricky curves. Even if with long – term use the sticky surface collects dust or even grease from your hands, it is washable and regains its stickiness back. Regarding the product not leaving sticky marks on the back of your phone, manufacturers’ claim is true. The mount is very firm and does not wiggle while you press any button or slide your fingers over the touchscreen to answer a phone call. Customers who frequently use the Gripgo also noticed that the device is very useful not only for tapping on the phone surface to use it, but the device allows you to change the phone’s position from vertical to horizontal, depending on your needs.

Potential Drawbacks


Using the product comes with a series of issues according to an online Gripgo review. These issues are not to be considered problematic, but seen as points of attention. One of these issues is that if you live in a very sunny area or keep your car outside in warm weather, the Gripgo might lose its grip and have the phone, and itself, fall. Thus, after driving, it is better to remove the Gripgo from the windshield. Another issue to be careful about is the way you pull off the phone from the sticky surface. It is true that any device can be removed safely and without damages, but you should use both hands and remove the phone slowly from the surface, in order to prevent the polymer sticky surface to detach from the Gripgo mount.

Is the Gripgo right for you?

If you want a phone mount that can be safely placed on your car windshield, or if you want to keep your phone close and ready to use easily and at a cheap price, then the conclusion of this Gripgo review is that the product is a good solution. The washable sticky surface, although sensitive to hard pulls, ensures long time reusability, while the angle flexibility of the device allows the driver to position the phone or the GPS in the most comfortable way depending to his or her needs.

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