Handy Gourmet 2 Tier Microwave Steamer

Handy Gourmet 2 Tier Microwave Steamer2How would it be to be able to steam vegetables, fish, sea food like shrimps or crab legs inside your microwave oven, thus significantly reducing your cooking time on the stove and still preserve all the vitamins and nutritious juices of the veggies all in one basket, for a healthy, full meal with no fuss and no effort? How easy would it be to have a recipient to be able to cook two dishes in the same time, while conjuring the microwaves power to offer you a full meal with two courses? That would be great, isn’t it? Today we will take a closer look to the Handy Gourmet 2 Tier Microwave Steamer, put some veggies in it, power them up and see if this kitchen gadget is so spectacular as advertised.


  • The Handy Gourmet 2 Tier Microwave Steamer is marketed as being a kitchen gadget allowing people to steam vegetables and other food products inside their microwave ovens, as the product fits all major microwave models, having the following dimensions: 9 1/2″ diameter x 3 3/4″ h
  • It can cook two meals in the same time due to the “shelves – like” construction, while the whole gadget consists also in a lid and a base holding the water.
  • It speeds up the steaming process
  • The Handy Gourmet 2 Tier Microwave Steamer is marketed as being dishwasher safe


  • The Handy Gourmet 2 Tier Microwave Steamer is built in plastic that looks cheap and thin, vulnerable to tearing and deformation
  • Although it is marketed as being dishwasher safe, the heat in the dishwasher deforms the gadget
  • The poor construction of the steamer and the low quality plastic make it also vulnerable to microwave heat
  • If manually washed, since it consists in 4 large parts, it takes a lot more time to clean than a traditional steaming pan or pot
  • While it allows cooking two dishes at a time, if you place inside foods that differ much from the cooking time’s point of view, one of the foods may remain raw, while the other one over – steamed
  • It is difficult to taste and test the food inside, as you have to stop the steaming process, take the steamer out, verify for taste and remaining cooking time and start over again, an issue that stops the process and loses heat.

Handy Gourmet 2 Tier Microwave Steamer: What is it?

Handy Gourmet 2 Tier Microwave Steamer3

The Handy Gourmet 2 Tier Microwave Steamer is an As Seen on TV product available online on Amazon or Ebay and local kitchenware stores and also a product marketed for allowing users to steam fast and with no loss of nutrients vegetables and food, even with a two – dish – at – a- time capability. It comes with general cooking times for some foods and a dishwasher safe label.

How Well Does the Handy Gourmet 2 Tier Microwave Steamer Work?

From what we could gather, the product isn’t superior to many traditional steamers or steaming routines involving pans, as it is hard to manage – testing and tasting – wise, while after a few uses, as many customers complained, it gets deformed by either the heat in the microwave or the heat from the dishwasher. It does indeed steam fast the vegetables, fish or seafood products without leaving water behind that needs to be drained.

Potential Drawbacks

Handy Gourmet 2 Tier Microwave Steamer

As many customers noticed, the poorly constructed steamer is very vulnerable to heat due to its poor plastic material, the base loses its initial shape, making the pieces almost impossible to fit each other as they should. It is hard to clean and one loses all gained heat and steam power because they have to stop the whole process for testing the food. Many reviewers threw the steamer after a few uses, as they chose not to even ask for a refund. The steamer is of poor quality and the pieces may not fit together even as new and just taken out of the box.

Is the Handy Gourmet 2 Tier Microwave Steamer Good for You?

Seeing how the steamer is poorly reviewed by customers who didn’t get a chance to use it for more than a few times, we are inclined to advise you to look for better built, more reliable microwave steamers or to stick to the kitchen devices you already have. The affordable price in this case also warns of poor quality and a lot of subsequent frustration.

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