Heat Surge Review

Keeping your home warm during the winter months can be both costly and difficult. Many products claim to save you money while heating your home, but space heaters just don’t seem to cut it, and using your home’s heating system is just too expensive. The Amish-made Heat Surge mantles and heating units claim that they are different, promising to deliver real heat at an affordable cost.

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  • Safe for all ages
  • No smoke or soot
  • Energy efficient
  • Heats entire room
  • Amish quality mantle


  • No ‘crackle’ sound of real fire
  • Larger homes may need multiple units

What is Heat Surge All About?

Heat Surge is a combination of a new kind of heating system and an Amish-built quality mantle. The heating system, known as a Roll-n-Glow fireplace, uses Fireless Flame technology to heat up large portions of your home while using very little power. The unit looks and feels just like a real fireplace, only without the flame. Each unit uses infrared technology to heat up everything from the air in the room to the furniture as well, all with an inviting fireplace setting.

The mantle that surrounds the unit is what makes Heat Surge really shine. It’s made from real wood, and crafted by real Amish workers to give each mantle a great look and a high-quality design. These mantles are pre assembled and each comes with an engraved emblem of authenticity. Several different designs and wood colors are available as well, making it easy to find one perfect for your home.

Features & Benefits

The main benefit of Heat Surge is that it is able to heat your home efficiently and effectively. It is designed to utilize zone heating, which means that unused rooms don’t need to be kept warm. However, in some cases, one unit can be powerful enough to heat up an entire home. Since it is designed to use a minimum amount of electricity, you can save hundreds on your heating or power bills when used in place of your normal heating system. Each unit has adjustable settings as well, meaning you can heat your home as much or as little as you want.

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High-quality workmanship is the other huge feature of the fireplace and mantle. Since each mantle is made by genuine Amish craftsmen from real wood, these units are of a much higher quality than the fake fireplaces you can get in the store. Instead of a messy home-assembly process where you could end up breaking the cheap pressed-wood of a competing product, every Heat Surge unit comes pre assembled and ready to use. When you factor in that each heating unit is also made from the highest quality parts, you get a flame-less fireplace that can’t be beat. It’s even certified by Underwriters Laboratories to meet national safety regulations.

For those of you who are simply looking for a safe and cleaner alternative to a real fireplace, the Heat Surge unit excels in this area as well. While there is never any real flame present, the fireplace is so realistic you can fool anyone. It has a realistic glow and flickering effect that brings a warmth and coziness to any room. It’s also safer, cheaper, and cleaner than a real fireplace. Children can play near it without fear of getting burnt, and there is never any soot or smoke to ruin the experience. It’s also a cheap alternative for those that don’t want to build a real fireplace into their home.

Does it Really Keep You Warm?

Some people may be hesitant to try the Heat Surge because of a bad experience with other products like one of the many cheap space heaters on the market. While those products claim to heat a whole room, they really only heat a small area right in front of the unit. What’s worse is that it can take hours for the heat to fill a larger area.

Heat Surge Reviews

Thankfully, the Heat Surge fireplace isn’t anything like these cheap competitors. On high, it can produce a whopping 4606 BTU’s of heat. Not to mention it can do so almost instantaneously thanks to the unique heating technology it uses. Simply put, this fireplace is the best way to heat any room in your home.


If you are having issues with keeping your home warm , Heat Surge cannot be recommended enough. The product works better than described, and since it is made from high-quality material by professional craftsmen, you also know that it is built to last. The official site even offers a money-back guarantee on the product if you aren’t satisfied. Go ahead and give it a try and you’ll be glad to know you won’t have to worry about keeping your home warm any longer.