Hot Booties Blue Foot Warmers Review

Hot Booties Blue Foot Warmers Review 1Cold feet are a problem many people, men and women alike, suffer not only in winter, but also in the warm seasons, as some forms of neuropathy or just poor blood flow turns into a constant, impossible to solve problem. Children and elders also face these troubles and the ill people need medication in order to improve circulation and thus keeping safe from forever cold toes. How many times did we catch a cold so bad we had to live painful cold moments without any source of constant feet heating to alleviate our suffering? And how many times did we blames the regular slippers on not helping us much, as they slip and need to be put on and off on different occasions? If you are the type of person who always welcomes winter with the painful thought of not having his or her feet defrosted until next spring, this Hot Booties Blue Foot Warmers review might come in handy.


–          These foot warmers come in suitable sizes for both men and women

–          They provide a natural linseed that holds heat all around the feet

–          They come in 100% polyester filling, linseed and lavender

–          They come with foot warmers that if placed in the bootie bag, can be warmed-up for a few seconds in the microwave oven

–          The heat remains constant for a long period of time

–          They are suitable for people with chronic cold feet, poor blood flow, neuropathies, colds and flues and achy or stressed feet.


–          The same size fit all may be sometimes not suitable for everybody

Hot Booties Blue Foot Warmers: What Are They?Hot Booties Blue Foot Warmers Review 2

This is a trendy As Seen on TV product that is available on Ace online store and as well as on Amazon and at Walmart. These booties, which are definitely more than just slippers, offer radiating warmth for the feet, relieving pain and alleviating aches, stress or health conditions. While they are not a treatment or a cure, they manage to keep people’s feet heated enough for them to find comfort and ease. The sole is the highlight of this product, as it comes in natural linseed and the foot warmers can be heated in the microwave under proper conditions.

How Well Do the Hot Booties Blue Foot Warmers Work?

People who bought this product referred to it as a cure for cold feet and a relieving method for those suffering neuropathies. The booties are warm all the time, fussy and nice, coming in blue and fitting sizes for both men and women. The advantage of being able to have a product coming in natural linseed is very much appreciated, especially for those choosing to sleep with the booties on during the night. The booties come in blue and they are very well received by those suffering from regular feet aches, stress and cold toes.

Potential Drawbacks

Consumers who bought and used this product had little complaints about it, as we only found a single negative Hot Booties Blue Foot Warmers review. Some women felt that they should have picked a larger size, while others admitted the slippers have the maximum effects when the person is sitting or sleeping, as moving around the house when the booties are warmed-up may be a little difficult.

Hot Booties Blue Foot Warmers Review 3Are the Hot Booties Blue Foot Warmers good for you?

Users and one online Hot Booties Blue Foot Warmers review feel that this product is almost a miraculous solution for everybody who suffers from cold feet, poor blood flows and neuropathies. Some of them are very appreciative of the microwave heating of the foot warmers, stating that the natural linseed is very soothing for tired and stressed feet, especially for those who have to walk outside for prolonged periods of time. They proved to be a valuable help in the case of cold and flues or just help people fall asleep faster if used when going to bed. Although not a therapy in its scientific sense, the booties are very much appreciated by all those suffering from cold feet even in the warm season. Children could also benefit from them if the size is adjusted to their needs, helping the little ones fall asleep better or keeping them warm and comfortable while recovering from colds or flues.

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