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Hot Booties Review

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The feet are one of the most fickle parts of the human body. As an extremity, they get cold easily. Not only that, but since most people are on their feet for a significant portion of their day, their feet are likely to become sore as well. Hot Booties claim to be able to help with a wide variety of foot problems. But how well do they work?

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hot bootiesPros:

  • Uses natural linseed
  • Warms up quickly
  • Massages feet as they’re worn
  • Soothes sore feet
  • Unisex design for men and women


  • Limited color variety
  • Microwave access required

What are Hot Booties?

At first glance, you’d probably mistake Hot Booties for just a regular pair of slippers. Upon closer inspection, however, you’d find that they are in fact a pair of slippers designed to heat up in any standard microwave. By placing the pair of slippers in a “bootie bag,” the product can safely and cleanly use your microwave’s heat to warm the natural linseed hidden in the product’s soles. In just sixty seconds, the linseed can absorb enough heat to stay warm for up to an hour. Since the heat is stored in the soles, it can then work its way up around the foot, providing an all-around heating sensation.

Each pair of Hot Booties is available in one of two colors; pink or blue. Their unisex design means that both men and women can utilize the product without any fear of embarrassment, and the multitude of sizes available means they can fit nearly anyone’s feet. In addition to the natural linseed contained in the slippers’ soles, every pair is crafted from quality materials that provide users with the utmost comfort at all times. They’re even comfortable enough to sleep in.

Features and Benefits

As heated slippers for your feet, Hot Booties offers quite a few benefits that regular socks or shoes don’t. The biggest of these, of course, is that it can soothe tired and sore feet after a hard day of work, play or just everyday life. Just like a heat pack can be used to comfort achy muscles, these shoes provides a warming sensation that helps dull aches and pains.

The benefits can be increased when the user moves their feet while wearing the slippers, as this will provide a type of heated massage that hits all the sore spot of the foot. And since the linseed can stay warm for up to an hour on one charge, you won’t have to get up often to heat the product. The included bootie bag even keeps your microwave sanitary by not directly exposing the shoes to the areas where you cook your food.

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Even if you don’t suffer from sore feet, the warming sensation offered by Hot Booties is great for those who often get cold feet during the chilly winter months. Since regular slippers only help retain heat, you may notice that your already cold feet don’t get much of a benefit from them. With this product, however, the heat is generated from an outside source and stored in the soles of the shoes. Not only will this mean your natural body heat can be retained, but additional heat is provided to help keep you warm regardless of the temperature outside.

While the heated soles are the main selling point Hot Booties, it’s worth noting that even as a standard pair of slippers they are surprisingly comfortable. You may not always need an additional boost of heat, for instance, and as a regular pair of slippers this product still performs quite admirably. This is likely due to the use of high-quality materials in every aspect of the product. Not only that, but the linseed in the soles gives the product a nice weight that other slippers don’t have. In terms of overall comfort, the slippers are hard to beat.

Issues and Concerns

Overall, Hot Booties are a wonderful pair of slippers, but they aren’t perfect. There are a few minor issues that prospective buyers should be aware of. The first issue is that there are currently only two color choices for the product, leaving customers to decide between pink and blue. While this isn’t likely a problem for most people, having a few more color choices would have been nice.

Lastly, the heated quality of the slippers is limited to those who have access to a microwave. This isn’t a problem for most people since microwaves are a fairly common household device, but there are some people who may be disappointed to find that this is the only way to heat the slippers.

Sales and Deals

As with most products, finding a good deal on Hot Booties can be a bit tough. For one, they are already fairly reasonably priced, which means that most sellers don’t have much room to discount the product further. With that said, the official site does seem to hold sales and bonus offers for the product on a fairly regular basis.

hot booties reviews

Currently, for instance, they are offering a buy one get one free deal that allows customers to get two pairs for the price of one. These offers are likely to change, however, so be sure to buy when you see an offer that suits your fancy or else you face the possibility that it won’t be around the next day.


While there are few small issues that can be found with Hot Booties, don’t be fooled into thinking that this product is anything short of amazing. As far as slippers go, there are few competing products that offer the same kind of comfort and relief that these shoes do.

When they’re hot, your feet truly feel as though they are being relieved of all aches and tension. It’s almost as though you’re getting a massage just from moving your feet. Overall, Hot Booties is a very nice product that is well worth the purchase, for you or as a gift for the over-worked friend in your life