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Hot Huez Hair Chalk Review
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Hot Huez Hair Chalk Review

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Hot Huez Hair Chalk: Fun, Sassy, Chic

When a person wants to add a pop of color to the hair, Hot Huez Hair Chalk is ideal. This unique product from www.hothuez.com changes hair from drab to fab in no time. It is safe, inexpensive, and simple to apply. It washes away with little effort, so it is a great way to try a trendy look without any consequences. It will make a person feel like a professional hair stylist, without the worry or expense of chemical treatments.

Hot Huez ReviewPROS

  • Simple to apply in three easy steps
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Safer than traditional dyes
  • Much cheaper than salon treatments
  • No messy sprays or dyes


  • May cause split personality; good girl/bad girl
  • A person will go crazy when it becomes used up

Hot Huez: What Is It?

Accent hair color is a popular trend, but it may not be feasible for people in certain careers or lifestyles. However, there is an inner wild child in everyone that takes over and wants to have fun. Hot Huez allows a person to add a pop of color to any type of hair. It is easily shampooed away, so there is no harm done. This makes it ideal for high school teens as well. To make things even better, it is free from parabens. This means that it will not irritate even the most delicate skin.

Many professional color treatments cause damage from harsh chemicals. Since I have very thin hair, I cannot use most hair colors. This makes it difficult to change my look. However, this no longer mattered after I discovered Hot Huez. This product gave me the look that I have always wanted, without paying a fortune. I no longer have to worry that my hair will become fried and break off at the tips after leaving the salon.

I share Hot Huez with my teen daughter, and she loves it as much as I do. The colors are bright and stylish. They even manage to disguise my gray hairs. The available colors include hot pink, fuchsia, neon green, and electric blue. We have a lot of fun trying different color combinations on each other. It is easy to control, so the color is never over the top.

Hot Huez Review

How Well Does It Work?

The kit is simple to use and includes nice accessories. Besides the chalk, a person will receive six ponytail holders. This is a great styling aid after the colors are applied. All I had to do was spray a light coat of the primer spray, then choose a color. This is the hardest part because they are all so sassy. I placed the hair in the compact container and slid it down my hair. The final thing that I did was spray with the sealer. There was no icky residue left on my clothes or hands. I was ready to go in minutes.

Dyes on the market are often difficult to apply and create a big mess all over. This is not the case with Hot Huez Hair Chalk. Most other commercial products come with an expiration date, but not this item. Even though most people use the kit everyday, there may be times when it should not be worn. Instead of the worries that it may go bad, the product remains fresh until the next use.

Unlike other dyes that are permanent, the Hot Huez Chalk Kit is a temporary way to change the look of hair. It is great to be able to wash out the product with any shampoo. It is a nice way to experiment with various colors or match an outfit or mood. It is a different type of accessory that customizes a person’s look in a special way.

I also found that most of my daughter’s friends help themselves to the kit as well. Since this product works well on all types of hair, it seems that it has become community property. It is ideal for long and short hair, along with curly and straight locks. It is really fun to get a group together, use the kit, and get ready for a night out. My daughter and her friends can temporarily transform themselves into a different set of girls just for the evening.

Hot Huez Review

Is It Right For You?

The Hot Huez Hair Chalk Kit is highly recommended to any girl who is looking for an affordable way to achieve today’s trendiest hairstyle. It works with all hair types and is quick and simple to apply. There is no mess to worry about and the end results are fabulous. Within hours, a person can return back to normal without fuss. No matter a person’s age or wardrobe, this product will do its magic and add a pop of color to the hair in a practical manner.

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