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InstaHang Review - Graded Reviews
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InstaHang Review

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Some of the most common home improvement projects involve hanging things from the wall. Whether you’re doing something as basic as hanging photos or something as complicated as installing a small shelf, you’ll first likely need to hammer in nails. Nails, however, can lead to injuries, broken walls and massive holes. InstaHang uses a different system that is designed to make such projects a hassle-free breeze.

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  • Semi-automated design
  • Holds up to 10 pounds per peg
  • Leaves only a small hole
  • No hammering required


  • Refills can’t be bought in stores
  • May require multiple pegs for heavy items

What is InstaHang?

This product is a home improvement tool that can be used to place small pegs into walls without the need for a hammer or nails. Shaped similarly to a small stapler, the tool is first loaded with a peg strip before use. The tool is then lined up flush against the wall, and with a small tap, the peg is instantly inserted securely into almost any wall. Each peg holds up to 10 pounds, allowing for picture frames and other small items to be hung with just one peg. The tool automatically preps a new peg for placement each time so hanging multiple items in one go is as easy as can be.

Unlike nails which are held in place thanks to deep penetration, the pegs from InstaHang secure themselves using an angled peg design. As force is applied downward, the angled peg secures tightly upward. This allows for smaller holes that leave walls essentially undamaged and free from the big holes that nails can leave behind. The tool even comes with several attachable pieces that can be added to each peg, including a larger peg cap and a hanging hook. The pegs and attachable pieces store inside the tool itself for easy accessibility.

The InstaHang tool also has several built-in features that make hanging pegs even easier. In addition to the aforementioned internal storage area, the tool includes a built-in bubble level. By placing the tool on a shelf or other surface, the user can easily determine if the surface is level. In addition to this every tool includes a built-on measuring guide. This guide can help users easily measure distances between pegs or hung items to ensure that they are spaced the appropriate distance apart.

Features and Benefits

Compared to using a hammer and nails the InstaHang offers a multitude of extremely beneficial features. Unlike a hammer, this tool is extremely quiet, making it perfect for apartments or dorms where neighbors are likely to complain about excess noise. On that same note, users won’t have to worry about leaving massive holes in the walls that come with using large nails. Since pegs are dispensed almost automatically, using the device is also much easier than using a hammer and nails. Injuries and damaged walls that are the unfortunate result of a missed hammer swing are basically impossible with the Insta Hang since the pegs are aimed and contained by the device until they are ready to be inserted.

The speed in which pegs can be installed is also a great feature of the InstaHang tool. Instead of placing, measuring, holding and hammering each peg separately, this tool can do it all almost at once. Once a peg strip is loaded, the pegs reload automatically meaning placing several pegs in quick succession is quite possible. Because of the built-in measuring guide, you won’t even have to pause to get out the measuring tape to ensure you placement is correct. Combine these features together and a seemingly big project can be accomplished in essentially no time at all. With the additional hook and cap pieces, you can even easily adapt every peg you place.

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Durability is another area in which the tool easily outshines its competition. In addition to the tool having a very solid construction itself, every peg you place is capable of holding up to 10 pounds. Used in conjunction with each other, even the largest project are possible including hanging large paintings, shelves, cabinets and more. With the unique angled peg design you get more strength in a smaller package than you do with most other options. There is even a 30-day money back guarantee in case you have any issues while using the product.
instahang review

Issues and Concerns

Nearly every aspect of the Insta Hang shows that it is very well-designed, but there are some small issues that could be problematic. For one, if you run out of peg strips it doesn’t seem as though you would be able to buy refills in a brick and mortar store at the moment. This isn’t a big deal since you can easily reuse pegs and you get a large amount with your initial purchase, but it should be noted. Lastly there is the minor issue that it could take quite a few pegs if you’re hanging something really large. This isn’t much of an issue at all, however, when you consider that this is true of using nails and other hanging systems as well.

Sales and Deals

Once you’ve come to the conclusion that you’d like to purchase InstaHang, the next step is to find the best deal you can on the product. Since it isn’t currently sold in stores, you’ll probably want to look online. Currently the best deal seems to be buying directly from the official site. Right now they are offering double the amount of pegs and peg accessories plus a bonus laser level tape measure. These offer change sporadically, though, so make sure you purchase as soon as you find an offer that fits your needs.


There are few tools similar to InstaHang, and those that are available don’t seem to be able to quite measure up to its effectiveness. If you find yourself constantly involved in a home improvement project, this product may be perfect for you. With a host of easy to use features, there isn’t much to dislike about this tool.