InStyler Rotating Hot Iron

InStyler Rotating Hot Iron

Being able to change your hair as often and as varied as possible is to many women an essential part of expressing their personality. But since going to the salon as often as the mood strikes is not really an option – either in terms of time or in terms of the total costs – curling and straightening irons were invented. Among these, the Instyler Rotating Hot Iron was advertised as a high-power, rotating tool that gets your hair curled (or straightened) in multiple styles in a matter of moments.

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– Gives hair instant volume and shine.

– Straightens and curls hair quickly.

– Cheaper than going to the salon.

– Easy to use with a reasonable amount time (with a so-called learning curve).


– Slightly higher price than the average of similar products.

– Extra fees and charges may possibly apply when purchased through the TV informercial or online.

– Hair areas close to the head may be hard to reach due to the heat and other mobility factors.

– May contribute to hair dryness, weakness and fatigue; and may cause hair damage on the long run, when used without protective hair products.

InStyler Rotating Hot Iron: What Is It?

The InStyler Rotating Hot Iron is a hair-curling and straightening hot iron originally released in September 2009. Its producers advertised it as a completely innovative hair tool, unlike anything ever invented before, being at the same time a hair brush, a curling iron and a straightening iron. Technically, the active component of InStyler is its rotating heated polishing cylinder, combined with four rows of precision-aligned bristles.

At least in theory, when you put the InStyler in your hair, the first row of bristles separate and brush your hair, the rotating hot polishing cylinder then glides through your locks to polish, straighten or style them, and then the second row of bristles comes in to add the finishing touch. This combined operation takes place very fast and is supposed to leave your hair not only styled according to your desired effect, but also full of volume, silkiness and shine.

How Well Does the InStyler Rotating Hot Iron Work?

The rotating iron does make good on its promise to curl or straighten the hair in a quick time. If multiple styles and quick changes to your hair is what you want, InStyler is a good product to achieve them in the comfort of your own home. After a while of using it regularly, you’ll also acquire extra experience and dexterity with the iron, which will enable you to try out and achieve more complicated or varied curled-up styles (a lot of customers talked about a certain learning curve in using the product).

Potential Drawbacks of the InStyler Rotating Hot Iron

A significant range of purchasing customers have complained about some issues that come along with a frequent use of the product: the hair may become damaged, frizzy, brittle, or lacking in volume. However, these are all issues that come with similar products as well, and they can be prevented by the use of in-heat hair products, specially designed to protect hair during styling operations that involve heat handling.

Another frequent complaint is that the product, which already is kind of pricey, may come with extra hidden charges or fees when purchased from the infomercial, so if you do decide to get it, perhaps it’s best if you find another tried and trusted source, like Amazon, for instance.

Is the InStyler Rotating Hot Iron Right For You?

If you’re looking for a quick and comfortable way of changing your hair as often as daily and you don’t care about potential long-term hair damage (e. g. you have short-medium hair anyway), then this iron may be a product you should try. But to minimize all risk and make the most out of it, perhaps it’s best if you’re careful where you buy your InStyler from and you remember to use some hair products that protect during heat-styling. Definitely buy from an online vendor with a solid return policy such as Amazon.

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