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Lint Lizard Review

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If you’ve noticed that your dryer isn’t working as efficiently lately, there are a few problems that could be plaguing it. It could be due to a dying motor, but more than likely, it’s due to the dryer being clogged with lint that isn’t caught by your lint trap. The Lint Lizard attaches to your vacuum to help eliminate this problem, but how well does it work?

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lint lizardPros:

  • Over 40 inches long
  • Attaches to any standard vacuum
  • Cheaper than a mechanic
  • Can prevent fires
  • Improves energy efficiency


  • May not solve all dryer problems
  • Requires a vacuum to operate

What is the Lint Lizard?

The Lint Lizard is an attachment designed to be used with any standard home vacuum. At over 40 inches long and with a skinny profile, it is able to reach deep into the recesses of your dryer. It’s these areas where lint, dust and debris collect that are not trapped by your dryer’s lint trap. Using the power of your vacuum, the Lizard is able to suck up this formerly impossible to reach lint. This allows your dryer to work unimpaired, which can prevent many of the most common problems associated with dryers.

Using the Lint Lizard is as simple as following a few steps. Step one is to plug in your home vacuum and grab a hold of the handheld hose. Next, insert the Lizard wand attachment until it is securely in place. Since it has a tapered end, it should fit almost any vacuum hose. The last step is as simple as turning on the vacuum, inserting the Lizard into the lint trap area of your dryer, and reaching in deep until all of the lint is sucked up. You can even go outside your home and vacuum the air vent. Cleanup is as easy as emptying your vacuum’s bag or canister.

Every order comes with one attachment in the standard green color. Currently, there are no other colors available. The main attachment is made of a durable plastic that is designed to be resistant to breaking or shattering. Each package also comes with instructions on using the device as well.

Features and Benefits

While the Lint Lizard is really only responsible for one specific purpose, the benefits it allows you are many fold. The main feature of the Lizard, as previously stated, is that it cleans out the deepest areas of your dryer, freeing it of lint and other debris. By cleaning your dryer completely, you are able to put less stress on the motor and moving parts of the dryer. A clogged dryer is known to work much harder than a clean one, which leads to wet clothes and significantly longer drying times. A clogged dryer can even lead to the motor giving out entirely. These problems are all but non-existent with a clean dryer, and that’s what the Lizard gives you.

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Having a more efficient dryer also means that you’ll spend less money on your energy bill. Since the dryer will be unimpaired, it will require less time to dry clothes. This results in less electricity used, meaning less money you’ll have to pay. Depending on your dryer, your dryer may even consume less power when it is running when clear of debris. This power efficiency combined with lower maintenance costs means the small investment you make in the Lint Lizard can really pay off.

Another important issue to consider is that a clogged dryer can be extremely dangerous. Most dryers have warnings advising to make sure the lint trap is always cleaned between every use, and this is because a clogged dryer can catch on fire. These fires can not only damage your dryer and vent, but could even endanger your entire home. In the worst case scenario, it could even lead to death or injury. That’s why keeping your dryer clear of clogs is important for not only basic maintenance concerns, but for safety reasons as well. With the Lint Lizard in hand, you won’t have to worry about a sudden fire taking everything you hold dear away from you.

Issues and Concerns

Since the Lint Lizard is merely an attachment, it is remarkably free from any major issues. There are some areas where some may find minor fault, however. First off, be aware that not every dryer issue or problem is due to lint clogs. As such, the Lizard will not be able to solve every problem you may have with your dryer, just those associated with clogs.

lint lizard reviews

Another issue is that it requires you own a vacuum in order for it work. This isn’t much of an issue since nearly every home has a vacuum, but it may be a concern to some.

Sales and Deals

If you’ve already decided that the Lint Lizard is for you, then you may want to know where you can get the most bang for your buck. Finding discounts on the actual price of the device may prove difficult since it is already reasonably priced, so your best option is finding bundles or free gifts with purchase of the attachment.

For these deals, the official store seems to be the best. For example, right now they are offering a two-for-one deals in addition to a bonus duster. These offers may change, however, so you may find other deals that may suit your interests more.


The Lint Lizard is a truly unique product that is well-designed and truly solves one the most common problems in households today. It isn’t perfect, but it does a really nice job of functioning as it’s supposed to. Cleaning deep in your dryer and it’s vent can be nearly impossible without a device like this, and when a clogged dryer can lead to dangerous situations like a house fire, it is important to have. The Lint Lizard could save you more money in the long run, and it may even save your life, so spending a small amount of money now is a worthwhile investment for any family.