Lush Lip Scrub Review

Lush lip scrub reviews have been positive for many years as users rave about the high-quality ingredients and unique flavors. Although many Lush lip scrub reviews will be for many different flavors, the essential components are similar. Each season there are new flavors that keep users coming back for more.

What Is Lush Lip Scrub?

Lush lip scrub is a product from the Lush company that has a paste-like consistency. It’s used to exfoliate and moisturize the lips leaving them soft, smooth, and protected from the harsh outside elements. Lip scrubs also offer a pampering experience without the need for a spa or special tools.

Lush lip scrubs come in a variety of seasonal flavors that periodically change. All scrubs contain 100% vegetarian ingredients and are handmade by a team member of the Lush company. Lush prides itself on its products being made from high-quality ingredients that are mixed by hand.

Lips of beautiful young woman covered with sugar scrub

Lip scrub packaging tends to be minimal, and the scrubs are edible after being applied. Lush cosmetic lip scrubs contain an edible exfoliant, various oils, extracts, and naturally occurring flavors.

Each product contains a featured ingredient, and the Lush company does not test any of their products on animals. Lush also maintains a group of suppliers that provide ingredients that are also not tested on animals in any way.

Occasionally, Lush may use a safe synthetic ingredient when needed to either preserve a product or enhance it in some way; however, this accounts for very little of the total product, and the lip scrubs, in particular, contain ingredients that are part of essential oils or safe synthetics.

What Are the Ingredients?

Lush lip scrub flavors contain some unique ingredients that not all of the lip scrubs will have. Depending on the flavor that you choose, the lip scrub will include its featured ingredient in addition to all of the other expected ingredients.

Since the lush lip scrub flavors are so unique, you will see ingredients such as vanilla, honey, mint, and white chocolate, along with essential oils. “Flavor” is often listed as an ingredient, but upon closer inspection, it is noted that all flavors are safe synthetics.

Peppermint oil, sweet wild orange oil, jojoba oil, and tagetes oil are all found in the Lush lip scrubs. All of the lip scrubs from lush use castor sugar as the exfoliant which makes this lip scrub wholly edible and very useful.

Vanilla extract, honey, and white chocolate are also ingredients present in the lush lip scrubs, and there are also safe synthetics such as Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, and Red 21 Lake. Although these ingredients may sound alarming without an explanation, they are used as a coloring and scent and are safe.

Lush is very transparent about the ingredients in all of their products, and they offer explanations and more information for each ingredient on their website. If you are curious what a component is for, the Lush site provides information on how the ingredient is used, what its characteristics are, and what products in the Lush brand it can be found in.

Being able to see what products contain a particular ingredient is beneficial for those that have allergies or sensitivities to specific compounds and substances. If you have concerns over individual ingredients, the Lush company can be contacted online for more information.

How Does It Work?

Using any of the Lush lip scrub flavors works the same way. Merely take a pea-sized portion of the product and use it to scrub your lips with your finger. You may need more or less of the product depending on your lip size and how much you’d like to exfoliate.

When you have rubbed your lips thoroughly, and they begin to feel soft, then you can remove the product by licking it off. Many individuals find it strange at first to lick off the lip scrub, but all Lush lip scrub flavors are safe to eat in such small quantities and shouldn’t have any negative repercussions as long as you have no allergies or sensitivities to the ingredients.

The minimalist packaging is part of the overall design of the lush lip scrubs, and when opening and closing the product to use it, many users appreciate the simplicity. When you have used up the container, it can either be cleaned and reused or recycled at the appropriate facility.

Using a lip scrub can help prepare your lips for a lip tint or lipstick application by removing all of the dead skin that might appear once you have applied another lip product. While it can be unsightly to have dead skin on your lips highlighted by a lipstick, using the lip scrub also applies a moisturizing layer that helps lipstick stay put.

Jojoba oil is also used because it absorbs more readily into the skin and can better condition than other oils. Other oils may not sink into the skin enough to have much of an effect and may be left sitting on the surface. Jojoba oil can soak in further which makes it an excellent choice before applying other lip products.

What Flavors Does Lush Lip Scrub Come In?

The Lush lip scrubs currently come in three flavors: Honey, Bubblegum, and Mint Julep. Not only are these unique flavors, but it is also unique that they are made from such high-quality ingredients.

The flavor of the Lush lip scrubs typically come partly from the mix of essential oils, and partly from a natural synthetic and safe flavor if needed. Although the scents and flavors can vary in intensity, they are safe for you to lick off of your lips when you’ve finished exfoliating.

The Lush lip scrub flavors all tend to be relatively sweet since they use Castor sugar as the exfoliant instead of beads or salt like many other brands. Using sugar dramatically decreases the amount of preservative needed in the product while also creating a pleasantly sweet flavor and aroma.

Many individuals will also notice the featured ingredient for each flavor the most as it is the keystone of the product. For example, the Mint Julep flavored lip scrub features vanilla, and the Honey flavor features honey.

How Often Can I Use Lush Lip Scrub?

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Users report being able to use the lip scrub every day as long as they are moderate with the scrubbing pressure and their lips aren’t overly sensitive. Lush uses castor sugar in their lip scrubs which offers a gentle exfoliating experience that is suitable for frequent use if needed.

The oils used in the Lush lip scrub are also an essential ingredient that allows the scrub to be suitable for more frequent use than other lip scrubs. The oils help to remove dead skin and create a protective moisturizing layer over dry or chapped lips.

Having this protective layer is key to keeping lips hydrated, and also preventing dead skin from showing up when you use lipstick or lip tint. Many consider the line of Lush lip scrubs to have delightfully minimal ingredients which also makes it safer to use daily.

Those with sensitive skin also find the lip scrubs to be helpful as there may be thicker dead skin to remove and that may require multiple applications of the scrub. By using the scrub regularly, it is easier to remove thinner layers of dead skin as they arise instead of trying to remove a thicker layer that has built up over time.

The oils in the scrub penetrate through the dead skin and help to gently lift it from the fresh lip skin underneath since these lip scrubs use sugar which dissolves as its rubbed in, there is also less chance of over-scrubbing than with other products.

User Feedback

Lush lip scrub reviews are very positive, and users seem to enjoy the unique scents and high-quality products thoroughly. Compared to other competitor brands, Lush has many advantages, such as ingredients that haven’t been tested on animals, and the fact that their products are handmade.

Users of the Lush products also comment on how unique it is to receive a product and know which Lush team member packaged it. All of the Lush lip scrub reviews list a rating of at least 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Users also list several pros and cons in their reviews, and there are also recommended best uses on the Lush website. Over 92% of those who leave a Lush lip scrub review would recommend the products to a friend.

The pros for the Lush lip scrub include that it smells great and that it softens, moisturizes and soothes skin. Users also appreciate the non-greasy formula. The cons listed are that the product can be messy for some and that they can also be pricey.

Lush lip scrub reviews also state that the products are suitable for daily use, chapped and dry lips, sensitive skin, and exfoliation. The majority of those providing lip scrub reviews are between the ages of 18 and 29 years of age.

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