Magic Mesh Review

Of all the “As Seen on TV” products on the market, the Magic Mesh door cover might be one of the most promising. The idea is that the product acts as an instant screen door that prevents bugs from getting in, but allows people to walk in and out easily. So how does it stack up to its claims? Read on and find out.

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Magic Mesh DoorPros:

  • Easy installation.
  • Reduces cooling cost.
  • High quality construction.
  • Closes automatically.
  • Adjusts to fit.


  • Incompatible with French doors.
  • Cannot be dry cleaned.

What It Is

The Magic Mesh door cover is meant to be useful for those that want the simplicity of a screen door, but don’t want to incur the cost or hassle involved with installing one. Featuring two easy to install mesh panels, the door cover is installed with a series of hook and loop strips that allows the screen to cover the doorway. In the middle of the two panels is a strip of magnets, nine on each panel, that allow the mesh panels to open easily when someone walks through, but instantly closes afterward.

The panels themselves are made of a durable polyester mesh material. Each panel has been designed to prevent bugs from getting in, while allowing air to circulate into the home. Each panel attaches at the top and sides securely without the need for any tools. The 18 magnets are held in place securely onto the panels with plastic magnet covers that also help protect the magnets from inclement weather.

Features and Benefits

The main selling point of the Magic Mesh cover is that it acts as an instant screen for those wanting to cool their home by leaving the door open, but without letting in bugs. Once installed, the door cover can help reduce cooling costs by allowing the homeowner to simply open a door rather than turning on a fan or air conditioner.

For those that aren’t concerned with cooling costs, the door cover is also great for those that simply wish to allow fresh air to enter their home. It can also easily be adjusted to fit nearly any door as well, even those in mobile homes or campers, without the need for cutting.

Magic Mesh

In addition to keeping bugs out, the Magic Mesh is also superior to standard screen doors in a lot of ways. For one, it costs significantly less. Secondly, it installs almost instantly and without the need for tools. This means that even those that would normally be afraid of making home improvements can install the door cover with no trouble at all.

Third, using its unique magnet system, the Magic Mesh allows people and pets to enter and exit hands-free, opening and closing instantly. With the fast-acting magnets, bugs and pests are allowed almost no time to enter.

One of the additional benefits of Magic Mesh is that it also stores and cleans easily. Removing the door cover is as simple as detaching it from the hook and loop strips. In the winter months, the door cover can be removed, folded, and easily stored away from the harsh weather. Since the mesh is made of polyester, cleaning it is simple as well. It can be cleaned simply with a cloth and warm water, and left to air dry.

Dog Magic MeshDoes it Work as Described?

Simply put, yes! There is always that initial hesitation when buying an “As Seen on TV” product, wondering if the product will live up to the description. Thankfully with Magic Mesh, what you see is truly what you get. It truly does accommodate any door, whether it opens in or out. There is the exception of French and double doors, though that is made clear to everyone before ordering.

Once installed, the door cover works better than a standard screen door. The mesh is so fine and made of such high-quality polyester that even the most miniscule bug couldn’t penetrate it. Walking through it is effortless, as the magnets separate easily.

Even more surprising, the magnets work just as they appear in the commercial, whipping the panels together in a flash as soon as you walk through. Even cats and dogs can make their way through easily. After repeated use, the mesh still holds up strong, with no holes or tears.

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So is Magic Mesh worth the money? The answer to that is a resounding “yes.” Few products on the market can match its quality and level of usefulness. Anyone looking to install a screen door in their home should take a look at this product first, as it costs significantly less. In some cases it’s actually preferable to a screen door, especially for those with pets. Whatever your needs, Magic Mesh is a top choice.