Music Bullet Review

Listening to music is something that most people do every day, and using portable devices to listen to music on the go is becoming increasingly popular as well. These small devices typically only output a small amount of sound, however, and lugging around big external speakers to fix this usually isn’t an option. The Music Bullet promises to provide your devices with big sound in a portable package.

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music bulletPros:

  • Full bass
  • Very portable
  • Loud sound output
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Color options somewhat limited
  • No wireless option

What is the Music Bullet?

The Music Bullet is a small, portable speaker that connects to any device with a standard headphone port. Each speaker is very compact in size but provides a very strong yet clear sound output. Additionally, each bullet speaker provides a massive kick of bass to music making it ideal for use with portable music devices like iPods and other MP3 players. This bass is even adjustable by extending the length of the bullet speaker. Portability is further extended thanks to an internal rechargeable battery that can be recharged via any mini USB style cable.

Customers looking to purchase the bullet speaker have the option of either red or black designs. Each speaker is made of durable components, including a strong plastic case that is resistant to everyday damage that may occur when traveling or lugging the speakers around.

The speaker connects to any headphone jack via a connected cord that is short enough to not get tangled, but long enough to provide adequate space between the speaker and the audio device. Every device also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee that covers manufacturer defects and standard returns.

Benefits and Features

The main draw attributed to the Music Bullet speaker is that it can provide surprisingly loud, yet clear, audio output in a very small, portable package. In this regard it really does excel, with both music and speech audio being easily recognizable from fairly far away. Comparable products tested usually were not nearly as powerful as the bullet speaker, and those that were able to match its quality were typically significantly higher in price.

With a truly rich sound output, the device remains smaller than a soda can and able to be stored, packed, or even carried from place to place easily. It can even be used with mobile phones to act as a speaker phone system, since many mobile devices have speakers that aren’t really a great fit for such uses due to being somewhat underpowered.

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For those that love a strong bass output with your music, the Music Bullet speaker delivers a unique feature that allows for adjustable bass. Instead of a mere knob, the bullet speaker actually extends to provide a bigger sound and a significantly stronger bass effect. With this design, bass lovers can easily and quickly adjust the bass levels to match their specific tastes exactly. It’s a great feature that is unlike that of any product on the market.

While it functions well, another decidedly pleasing feature of the Music Bullet is that it is aesthetically well-designed. The small speaker, in both black and red, is very stylishly designed and looks great next to a wide variety of portable devices. It’s actually designed in such a way that many people may not even recognize it as a speaker at first. It is true that the somewhat-futuristic design may not appeal to all, but it certainly is a unique take on what portable speakers are expected to look like.

Issues and Concerns

The Music Bullet is assuredly a very nice product, however there are some issues that should be addressed. One of the most obvious is the fact that it only comes in two colors, red and black. It’s true that both of these colors look very nice, but only having two color options is sure to leave some customers bemoaning the lack of their favorite color choice. It is a small complaint, and it doesn’t affect the functionality at all, but it is one that will hopefully be remedied in the future.

Others will certainly be miffed that the bullet speaker doesn’t come in any wireless varieties. This is understandable, of course, for the currently available model as it is already very reasonably priced for a portable speaker. Others would certainly be willing to pay more for a version of the bullet speaker that provides a completely wireless experience. It may be a good thing, however, since wireless speakers tend to function less effectively than wired speakers such as the current model.

Special Offers and Deals

Like any product, finding a really good deal on the Music Bullet speaker can be difficult at times. The speaker is already very low in price, so finding much of a further discount may be asking a bit too much. Hope is not all lost, however, as the official store has been known to have some nice special offers from time to time.

music bullet review

The most recent offer, for instance, is a buy one, get one free deals that allows you to purchase two speakers for the price of one. These offers can change, naturally, so if you see one that truly interests you, purchasing as soon as possible is generally recommended.

Is It Worth Buying?

It would be disingenuous to say that the Music Bullet is without flaws, or that it is perfect, but it certainly succeeds in many areas where other products fall short. For starters, it is probably the smallest fully-featured speaker available. Combine this with outstanding sound quality and a shockingly powerful bass, and you have a very worthwhile product that is a spectacular choice for your or any other music fan in your life.

A nice pair of headphones could be enough for some people, but if you’re looking for something with a much wider-range and better functionality for sharing with others, the Music Bullet is a nice choice.