Wen Hair Care Review

Hair care is an important part of everyday grooming. Keeping your hair clean and stylish, yet free from damage leads many people to try all kinds of products with varying levels of effectiveness. Now there is a brand claiming to be the paragon of hair care products; Wen Hair Care. From stylist Chaz Dean, this set of product may just be the last you’ll ever need.

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Wen Hair CarePros:

  • Natural ingredients
  • Complete hair care system
  • Includes specially designed comb
  • Won’t damage hair
  • Works on all types of hair


  • More product required for long hair
  • Only available in one scent

Why Wen Hair Care is Different

Wen Hair Care isn’t just one product; it’s actually a set of five products that helps your hair stay healthy and clean at all times. The first product does the bulk of the work, and it is the Cleansing Conditioner. The Cleansing Conditioner is applied at the beginning of a shower and rinsed out at the end, being left in for at least three to five minutes.

The second product is the Styling Crème, which can be combined with the Cleansing Conditioner and, applied when wet, can leave your hair styled just how you like it. Third there is the Re Moist Instensive Hair Treatment, which is used to help repair damaged hair. Lastly, the set includes Texture Balm to give hair definition and a specially designed Shower Comb to apply the Wen Cleansing Conditioner evenly.

Each product has its own use, and when combined correctly they are designed to provide the ultimate in hair care. None of the products include harmful chemicals like sodium laurel sulfate, and since it isn’t a shampoo, no damaging detergents are hidden in the products either. Each is designed by Chaz Dean, stylist to several Hollywood stars, and each is made with all-natural ingredients to help make your hair beautiful.

Complete Set of Benefits

Each of the products in the Wen Hair Care set offers their own unique set of benefits to your hair. The bulk of the work is done by the Cleansing Conditioner, and it is easily applied thanks to a handy pump on the bottle. The Cleansing Conditioner actually acts as several products, replacing normal shampoos, detanglers and deep cleaning conditioners. It also doesn’t lather, and instead creates a creamy coating for your hair. After three to five minutes, the conditioner can be rinsed out. The conditioner cleans hair without damaging it, and leaves it with great moisture, color and manageability.

Wen Hair Care Reviews

Wen Hair Care also contains Styling Crème that manages to accomplish two things in one great product. First, it replaces your normal styling gel with a product that not only provides great hold, but also helps improve your hair’s texture. Secondly, it helps improve the appearance of your hair by acting as a hair gloss. This gives your hair added shine and style. Since it is formulated to improve moisture as well, hair is also left with less split ends and frizz.

While the first two products in the set do wonders for cleaning and styling your hair, the other three products in the Wen Hair Care set finish up the job by fine-tuning every last detail of your style. The Re Moist product is designed to be used every four to six weeks or after any chemical treatment to your hair. It will intensely moisturize your hair again after it has been stressed or damaged. Last but not least there is the Texture Balm used to define, texturize, and separate dry hair while the Shower Comb is provided to help evenly distribute each of the hair products.

How It Rates

Compared to other hair care products available, Wen Hair Care easily beats out any and all competition. From expensive salon brands to cheap knockoffs and everything in between, nothing comes close to the quality and effectiveness of Chaz Dean’s Wen products. Even if your hair already looks great, these products will take your hair’s beauty to another level.

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Wen Hair Care is also surprisingly affordable considering it is currently one of the best hair care sets on the market. Competing conditioners alone cost as much or more than the entire Wen line of products, and most don’t work anywhere near as well. With natural ingredients and a 60-day guarantee, it’s hard to find a better deal anywhere on the market.

The Verdict

Wen Hair Care is highly recommended for anyone that cares about their hair. If you’ve tried other products and they simply don’t work for you, it’s time to give Wen a try. Not only does it work on all types of hair, it’s backed by a money back guarantee that means you don’t have to risk losing any money to give it a try.