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No No Hair Removal Review

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Unsightly and unwanted hair is a problem faced by men and women alike. The solution usually revolves around the timely and ineffective, like shaving, or the pricey and painful, like waxing. One alternative is the As Seen On TV product No No Hair Removal. It claims to be a painless, fast, and affordable solution to removing all kinds of body hair effectively, all without leaving the house.

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no no hair removalPros:

  • Easy to use
  • Fast-acting
  • Painless
  • Very effective
  • Compact


  • Only three color options
  • Hair removal isn’t completely permanent

What is No No Hair Removal?

The No No Hair Removal device uses heat technology to remove unwanted hair from the body. The user simply runs the No No device over their skin, which allows the unit to send a small pulse of heat directly to the hair follicles. This crystallizes the hair, allowing it to be removed gently by buffing with the included skin buffing pad. Every set includes the device, a buffing pad, and two different Thermicon tips. The narrow tips is useful for the face and delicate areas, while the wide tip can be used for the legs, arms, back and nearly everywhere else. Every unit also includes a charger to help keep the device running.

Every No No Hair Removal set also includes a few other bonuses as well. The first is No No Cream, which can be used after removing hair in order to smooth skin and help slow hair from growing back quickly. The cream also helps moisturize skin, making it useful for those with dry skin. Another bonus they include is a carrying case. This case holds all of the essential No No products, allowing them to be easily transported. This is great for trips and other times when the user will be away from home. Lastly, every order includes a 60-day guarantee that covers the full cost of the unit.

How to Use

Using the No No Hair Removal device is as straight-forward and easy as the advertising makes it out to be. The first step is to make sure that the area being treated is cleaned. This simply allows the device to glide more easily and ensures it will be as effective as possible. Next, the user simply glides the device over the area at a slow but even pace. The device features a LCD screen and guide light that helps ensure that it is working properly.

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If the user is going to fast or not gliding over the skin evenly, the user will be alerted. Next, the buffing pad is used over the area. This ensures that any remaining crystallized hair is removed completely. It also ensures that the skin feels smooth and silky. Lastly, users can apply the No No Cream to moisturize skin and help prevent hair from growing back as quickly.

This whole process often only requires one application per use, and it is recommended that users only use the device 2-3 times a week. This ensures that the device is always removing hair, and isn’t being applied unnecessarily. As time goes on, users may have to use the device less and less as hair will start grow thinner and more slowly. While it won’t ever permanently keep hair from growing, it can seemingly do the next best thing which is to slow its growth dramatically.

Features and Benefits

No No Hair Removal kits offer up something that few competitors on the market can, and that is a painless, fast hair removal system for an affordable price. Hair removal isn’t a difficult task to accomplish, but it is a difficult task to master with minimal pain, cost and inconvenience. Many treatments for hair removal, for instance, require one to make an appointment, leave the house, and devote hours of time to a seemingly simple task. With the No No device, nearly anyone can masterfully remove hair from all over their bodies without any pain, inconvenience or unnecessary cost.

When a lot of products say they are pain-free, they really mean that they aren’t “scream your head off” painful but still involve minor discomfort or strange sensations. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with the No No Hair Removal device. The warm feeling that is elicited from using the device is actually fairly soothing, and isn’t too far off from the feeling one gets using a heating pad or a heated massage chair. Buffing is also surprisingly gentle as well, as it doesn’t rough up skin at all. In fact, it makes skin feel smoother than ever before. It truly is a pain free experience.

no no hair review

One of the best parts of the device is the fact that it is extremely versatile. With few exceptions, it can remove hair from all of the body without the need for any special tools or applications. It’s also equally effective for men and women, which is an issue that some other hair removal solutions seem to have. And since it can be used anywhere and at any time, there isn’t the need to set aside time to use it, which is great for impromptu activities where unsightly hair could pose a problem.

Problems and Issues

Overall, the No No Hair Removal device isn’t problematic in any serious way. One of the only issues with the product is that it isn’t recommended for use directly on the genitals or nipples, which is understandable considering the gentle nature of those areas. Hair removal isn’t completely permanent, though again, this is understandable since no hair removal solution can guarantee hair won’t grow back.

Is It Worth Buying?

In the end, the No No Hair Removal kit is worth the investment for nearly anyone looking to remove hair from their bodies. The product delivers some of the fastest, pain free hair removal of any product on the market. It can even replace a traditional shaver for men, making it a product versatile enough to handle almost any needs. And since it has a money back guarantee, customers won’t have to worry about losing money if they do decide to return the device.