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NuWave Perfect Green Pan Review

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Even if you love to cook, you probably hate it when food sticks to the pan. You can combat this by using butter or oil, but at the cost of added calories. Traditional non-stick pans can work, but they tend to break down after a while. The NuWave Perfect Green pan claims to offer a permanent solution to your cooking worries, but is it really worth your money?

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nuwave perfect greenPros:

  1. Non-stick coasting doesn’t flake
  2. Oven safe up to 900 degrees
  3. Free of dangerous chemicals
  4. Promotes healthy cooking
  5. 20 year warranty


  1. Only available in one size
  2. Doesn’t include a lid

What is the NuWave Perfect Green?

In appearance, the NuWave Perfect Green seems just like a normal frying pan, but it actually is designed to be the only non-stick pan you’ll ever need to own. Unlike traditional non-stick pans, the Perfect Green is designed to remain permanently slippery regardless of the circumstances. This means that even foods that normally stick when burnt, such as cheeses and sauces, still slide off without any effort. NuWave’s special coating is also designed to never flake, which is a big issue with most traditional pans.

While the specially designed non-stick coating is the main difference between the NuWave Perfect Green and its competitors, there is another important facet that truly sets it apart from other cookware. A lot of pans and cookware, especially those designed to be non-stick, utilize chemicals such as Cadmium, PFOA and BPA as a part of their design. These chemicals can have harmful health effects if released, and cooking with such pans can, on occasion, release these toxic chemicals. The Perfect Green utilizes no harmful chemicals, allowing chefs and home cooks to prepare meals safely and without potential toxins seeping into their dishes.

The NuWave Perfect Green is certainly different in many ways, but it is thankfully still similar enough to a traditional frying pan that experiences chefs and new cooks alike won’t have any trouble using the product. Just like most pans, the Perfect Green comes complete with a handle that can be used to hang the pan from any number of hooks you may have in your kitchen. It also comes in a standard 9-inch size which fits perfectly on any stove top. It is even safe to use in the oven at temperatures of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Features and Benefits

Obviously the main selling point of the NuWave Perfect Green is its unique non-stick coating. Using a double-layer of diamond-infused ceramic coating along with Duralon, this pan allows user to cook even the stickiest, messiest foods without the fear of stuck-on food. Even burnt food slides off the special coating without much effort. This also helps promote healthier cooking since users don’t have to apply fattening oils or butter to prevent foods from sticking. Without these added calories, dishes can be made healthier than ever.

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Healthy cooking isn’t just about calories, however, since the NuWave Perfect Green also allows you to cook without potential toxins entering your food. This pan’s coating uses only natural materials, meaning chemicals like BPA and Cadmium are not used at all in the pan’s construction. Furthermore, the pan’s coating is designed no to flake, which means that not only will your pan stay usable for many years, but also that those consuming your meals won’t end up with unpleasant pieces of metal in their mouths.

Durability is one of the other strong points of the NuWave pan. In addition to the non-stick coating, the overall construction of the pan is designed to withstand a lot of use and abuse. This is in part accomplished through the use of 18/10 stainless steel in the pan’s construction. Along with superior craftsman ship, this thick steel means that the pan will be useful for years to come. They’ve even taken the extra step of ensuring that the pan can withstand the harsh temperatures of an oven. It also comes with a 20 year warranty to insure it stays in good working order.

Issues and Concerns

Every product has a few issues that could be improved upon, and as good as the NuWave Perfect Green is, it has some areas that could be an issue for some consumers. The most apparent issue is that the NuWave pan is only available in one size. While the 9 inch frying pan is capable of cooking almost anything, some consumers may like the option of a bigger or smaller size.

While not a major issue by any means, there is also the point of fact that the pan doesn’t include a lid. This isn’t commonplace for frying pans anyway, but an added pan could be helpful to those needing to simmer or steam their particular dishes.

Sales and Deals

Finding a good deal on the NuWave Perfect Green can be a bit tricky, especially since it seems to mostly be sold online only. Surprisingly enough, the official store for the NuWave pan seems to have the best deals on the product. Right now they currently are offering a buy one, get one free deal that allows customers to nab two pans for one low price.

nuwave perfect green review

Additionally they are offering a free knife and set of four cutting boards as a bonus offer. These offers can change from time to time, though, so if you see an offer that seem particularly appealing, don’t be afraid to place an order.


While there are some minor areas where improvements could be made, the NuWave Perfect Green is still one of the most impressive non-stick frying pans currently available. With a distinctly original coating and durable stainless steel design, there are few pans that can match NuWave’s pan in terms of functionality and value. And because it doesn’t use harmful chemicals, cooks won’t have to worry about accidentally harming anyone with their food. Add in a 20 year warranty plus a 60 day money back guarantee and you have a product that is a solid purchase for even the most skeptical chef.