Is the One Second Slicer The Ultimate Food Preparation Station?

I understand the need for cooking things yourself if you want to have a healthier diet (with more fresh fruits and veggies), but I can’t say I enjoy cooking too much. I only try to do it a few times per week because I understand its advantages, but frankly all that time spend chopping things is driving me nuts. That’s why automatic slicers and mandolins never cease to fascinate me, and if I’m ever dragged into a kitchen-centered shop by my spouse, those are the only type of gadgets that will catch my eye. The recently As Seen on TV food slicer that attracted my interest now is the One Second Slicer, so I decided to try it out and see for myself if it works as well as advertised.

I bought my One Second Slicer about 2 months ago and used it almost every day for preparing salads and getting some vegetables ready for other types of dishes (like stir-fries). My experience with it was good, so I would fully recommend the product to anyone looking for a good food slicer and some saving time method, with just a few precautions. The other One Second Slicer reviews I’ve encountered seem to agree with me. This is the full scoop of what you need to know about this As Seen on TV product.

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What Is the One Second Slicer?

The One Second Slicer is a high-speed food slicer that might as well be labeled as a food preparation station, considering the multitude of tasks it allows you to perform with ease. As the name suggests, the slicer operates in just one second for every piece of fruit or vegetable you swipe over it, and it comes with multiple types of blade attachments to allow you to obtain the desired effect. It also works well for meat, eggs or fish in addition to fresh produce, and its box can be used to store the sliced food in the fridge and to serve it later (it’s pretty enough to bring to the table when you have guests too). It can dice, slice, mince, quarter or julienne anything in a matter of seconds, with the precision of a professional chef.

The accessories included per One Second Slicer pack are the following: two One Second Slicer blades (so you can change one after it wears out), two hinged cutting lids, two clear storage containers, two stainless steel blade inserts, two lids for the containers (with an easy snap-on system of attaching), and an extra bonus consisting of two 1-Second V Slicer 3-Piece sets. You should definitely check out a One Second Slicer video on Youtube to get a better look at how they all work.

Things to Consider Before Buying the One Second Slicer

These are the main perks of the One Second Slicer, in my opinion:

  • You don’t risk anything: the One Second Slicer has a 30-day money back guarantee in case you don’t like it;
  • It’s multi-functional: the many uses and accessories of this product really manage to turn it into a full food preparation station equipped with all the tools you may need for cooking fresh and delicious dishes.
  • You can benefit from a great deal when buying the product and end up owning two One Second Slicer gadgets for paying only the Sending & Handling tax on the second one.
  • The storage capacities of the product are super-useful since the boxes and lids are high-quality, but they tend to be a bit limited for the average user. Thankfully, with the 2-for-1 deal you can get on the One Second Slicer English selling site (more on that below), you can get two slicers and get extra storage space.

Where to Buy the One Second Slicer

You could try your luck with One Second Slicer Amazon offers from third party sellers. Or, you could buy it from the official website, which also offers you the 30-day money back guarantee and the integrity of all the components. The price is just $19.95 for the first One Second Slicer set, and only the $7.95 S&H for the second set, should you choose to buy two. I highly recommend that you do – for countless reasons: it’s a great deal, it gives you more storage space, and it provides extra blade replacements and so on.

The Final Word on the One Second Slicer

Obviously, I was more than pleased with the One Second Slicer and think it’s a great idea for cooking with less processed foods and more fresh ingredients, but without spending your whole day in the kitchen. Not only I would recommend it to anyone, but I’ve actually started gifting One Second Slicer sets to some of my extended family members just because I am so impressed with how it simplified my life. Needless to say, they were just as pleased with it once they started using it.

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