P90X Review

Did you decide to lose weight and whip your body back into shape the way I did recently? If so, you’ve probably heard about the P90X fitness and nutrition plan. This high intensity program is all the rage these days in the world of power-house fitness plans. In fact, it’s so popular that it even broke into the mainstream limelight in the past couple years. You probably see the P90X in the news and on TV thanks to celebrity endorsements and infomercials. This system became so pervasive we all probably know at least one person on Facebook who tried it. You probably heard that it’s incredibly difficult and involves a lot of self-discipline. So, is all that pain really worth it? Are the results guaranteed? Or, is this just another case of a passing fad in fitness programs? You’ll find out in today’s P90X review. The P90X philosophy stands in exact contrast to those get fit quick (and easy) fitness programs. So, we will focus on the effort involved and our personal achievements.

What Is It? P90X Review

P90X ReviewP90X serves as a fitness and nutrition plan that delivers everything to you in a neat, ready made format. It includes a fitness plan that covers the details of your daily meals. This meal plan emphasizes ‘clean’ eating, stresses the importance of eating breakfast, and allows you to eat six times a day. You probably think this sounds wonderful. 6 meals a day is a lot of food! However, their is a catch (isn’t there always?)

The makers of the P90X didn’t create this meal plan around the concept of weight loss through caloric deficits; instead, they use the food as fuel for a severely effort-intensive workout plan. The plans are designed to last 90 days, or three months.

The fitness plan requires that you work out all 7 days a week. Work outs include everything from strength training (lifting, chin-ups, etc.), core strength training, cardio, and yoga. The makers based this plan around the concept of speeding up one’s metabolism. They also follow a philosophy that says that our muscles can become ‘confused’ which leads better fitness. The P90X alternates between various types of exercises.

This system is entirely home-based (which is ideal for those who do want to attain fitness without having to visit their local gym). I myself cut down on a considerable amount of body fat in my abdominal region. The system was intense and took a lot from me both mentally and physically. P90X stunted my social life while I was on it as well. However, the results were worth it. I lost fat and actually increased in weight (due to all of the muscle I gained).

Pros and Cons in our P90X Review

By now, you probably guessed that the P90X isn’t perfect. So, what are its pros and cons?


  • The P90X delivers real results. Maintaining the strict workout regimen isn’t easy. However, you will lose weight guaranteed. With all of the calories you’ll be burning, you won’t be able to help it.
  • The food restrictions aren’t really awful. They focus on meat with lower amounts of fat, carbs stemming from fruits and natural grains, and low calorie veggies. Honestly, this is the way mature adults should eat.
  • Both men and women can use the system with the same degree of difficulty.


  • The system is difficult. I mean HARD! It will kick your butt. My buddy was in the Marine Corps about four years ago. The P90X made him vomit the first time he tried it. But, that just means it works.
  • Not the friendliest work out system for beginners. If you are starting out, you may want to try some general aerobics and graduate to this program.
  • Expensive – This system is cost prohibitive. However, it includes tons of accessories. Did I mention before that it actually works?

Where to Buy the P90X

We recommend that you purchase the P90X kit from the program’s official website. The Deluxe kit (or grand daddy as I call it) includes a combination of the Base and Deluxe packs. It includes workout DVDs, fitness and nutrition guides. All three system also give you access to a 24/7 support line. You’ll also receive three power cables, a resistance band, 5 exclusive advanced workout DVD, a protein powder supplement, and the P90X Chin-up Max bar with the Deluxe kit. You can pay for the Deluxe in three installments of $109.85 (with an additional $39.90 for shipping and handling). Or, simply pay for the entire package in a single payment. I know you think this is expensive. But, this system is like an entire gym in the convenience of your home. Compare the price to equipment or a gym membership!

The Final Word for this P90X Review

The P90X definitely works. It worked for me and I guarantee it will work for you. You can’t work out this much and eat the listed calories without losing weight. This program is not for the faint of heart, the weak, or the lazy. If you have a medical condition, I wouldn’t recommend it. But, if you’re in decent shape and starting to slide, the P90X is probably perfect for you. The manufacturer’s designed this workout and nutrition regimen for people who enjoy working out and feel comfortable with dedicating a big chunk of their free time to it.


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