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Paint Zoom: the Easy Paint Sprayer - DIY - GradedReviews
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Paint Zoom: the Easy Paint Sprayer

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While many people hire professional painters, that’s just isn’t affordable for many of us. This lack of affordability means that we’re stuck doing painting jobs ourselves. Usually, we end up using rollers, paintbrushes or a combination of both. Both these options are tiring: They take a long time. These tools can also be hard to reach into corners and crevices. Don’t even get me started on multi-sided surfaces such as fences! One option for folks like us is to spray the paint on using a new product called Paint Zoom.

Paint ZoomWhat is Paint Zoom?

Paint zoom is a portable paint sprayer. It looks like a giant water gun. You can strap it to your body making it easy to move around during your paint job. Another nice thing about “wearing” this sprayer is that you don’t have to worry about moving paint cans, brushes, rollers and roller pans. You no longer have to keep all of these tools within reach while you work. In addition, you can also use Paint Zoom for varnishing and staining.

Things to Think About Before Buying Paint Zoom

From our research, we found that Paint Zoom seems to work best when used on small jobs or on multi-sited surfaces such as fences. We’ve also found that some people would simply rather use a sprayer instead of brushes and rollers. It’s a matter of personal preference.

However, some people  complained about this item because it didn’t work the way they wanted it to. One problem is that the canister attached to paint zoom is relatively small. This means that you’ll have to refill the canister on larger jobs. Refills definitely slow down the painting process. The other thing to keep in mind is that many people are unaware that sprayers typically require you to thin down the paint. Otherwise, you don’t get an even spray. Many people blamed the sprayer for uneven spraying without knowing this tidbit about paint sprayers.click here

Where to Buy Paint Zoom

There are several places to buy Paint Zoom, including the manufacturer’s website. If you do buy this product from its website, you’ll get a one-year replacement warranty as well as several painting accessories such as paint canisters, drop cloths and painter’s tape. These bonuses are completely free of charge. In addition, the website offers you the option of paying for your Paint Zoom in installments. For many people, installments may prove to be a more affordable option.

Paint Zoom

Final Word

There are mixed reports about Paint Zoom, though many users have also offered suggestions for getting the most out of this product.  We suggest  looking over this review carefully so that you can get an idea as to whether this is a product that might work well for you.

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