Pajama Jeans Review

Pajama JeansUs girls like to blend comfort and style whenever possible, so we tend to pay a lot of attention to whatever we wear, even if we only wear the items in question around the house. Yet it’s often difficult to find home apparel that doesn’t look bland or dowdy. Not so with the Pajama Jeans, an As Seen on TV product available on Amazon, which promises to be the perfect blend of stylish and comfy, in a quality fabric. Our Pajama Jeans review will explore these claims, both from the aesthetic, as well as from the practical point of view.

What Are Pajama Jeans?

Pajama Jeans are part of the latest fashion trend in clothing that blends style with comfort. Released with classic boot-cut jeans for women, which are said to feel like pajamas with the appearance of regular jeans. The softness is associated with unique, stretchy fabric called Dormisoft denim. All the jeans have pockets and brass rivets, but you won’t see a fly opening or any buttons. Just slip these jeans on, and it will amazingly adjust to your body size for the perfect fit.

After gaining fame, the clothing line grew and developed to include a mixture of styles and colors for men, women, and even for maternity wear.pajama-jeans-review02

They have life-like details, with brass rivets, but include no zippers or buttons, which makes them extra-comfortable. They can be safely washed in a washing machine.


–          Very warm and highly comfortable.

–          The Pajama Jeans don’t shrink in the washing machine.

–          They look like real jeans and are made of a stretchy fabric.

–          Bootcut, which means they can also be worn outside the house.

–          Don’t look like jeggings, but like actual jeans.

–          Don’t suffer from wear out.


–          A bit too warm for some users, since they are lined.

–          Should only be washed inside out, as the fabric tends to become fuzzy if over-washed.

–          In terms of sizing, the Pajama Jeans run slightly small

How Well Does the Pajama Jeans Work?

Many buyers and users appreciated the Pajama Jeans, for a wide range of reasons. Some praised the high quality knit fabric, as well as the fact that they don’t look like denim leggings, but rather like a regular boot cut pair of jeans. The same users say they were also surprised these can be worn safely outside the house since they are pretty lifelike and resemble neither pajamas nor work-out pants. Be warned that they are lined, which makes them perfect for winters in a cooler climate, but somewhat inappropriate in hotter ones. Many users also praised the fact that the low-rise pants don’t suffer from wear and tear, don’t become baggy, and don’t shrink in the wash. Some lint may occur if the Pajama Jeans are not washed inside out.

Potential Drawbacks

As more than one Pajama Jeans review mentions, these pants tend to run a bit small in matters of sizing, so consider sizing up if you’re rather in between sizes. Since they are lined, they are probably only fit for winter or nights spent in a cold climate. Some users also complained about the hidden drawstrings, which can be uncomfortable. Since they are low-rise pants, those who don’t like this style and usually avoid it probably won’t find the pants too comfortable. Some buyers also reported issues in returning the Pajama Jeans or in trading them for the right size.

pajama-jeans-review03Are the Pajama Jeans Good for You?

The conclusion of our Pajama Jeans review is that these pants can be a bit pricey, especially given the fact that they come with some issues. The boot cut makes them comfortable, but the fact that they are low-rise may not appeal to everyone. The life-like texture of the knit fabric makes them appropriate for outside use, but the sizing is not ideal. All in all, consider alternatives if you’re not dead set on buying boot-cut low-rise pajama pants that look like jeans. If you really like the style, however, you might well find the Pajama Jeans to your liking.

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