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Party in the Tub Lights - As Seen On TV - GradedReviews
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Party in the Tub Lights

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Party-in-the-tub-lights-review02Most parents of toddlers know bath time is not really fun. The kids throw tantrums and act like total drama queens. The bath water has to be just right and then the tub has to be filled with all the bath toys you’ve purchased, in hopes of making the whole experience more bearable. Often enough, however, all your tactics and ruses fail and bath time just turns into a fiasco. But what if a simple, affordable product could end all that? Party in the Tub Lights is an As Seen on TV product available for sale online that promises to do just this. Our Party in the Tub Lights review is here to tell you whether or not this product is deserving of your attention and cash.


–          Made of durable plastic.

–          Water-proof and water-tight lights.

–          Very entertaining for the little ones and a great replacement for the million bath toys parents pile on, in order to make bath time less dramatic.

–          LED lights are economic and last for a long time.


–          Some users reported issues when ordering the product off the producer’s website: they were charged without confirmation and/or never received their product.

Party in the Tub Lights: What Are They?Party-in-the-tub-lights-review01

Party in the Tub Lights are an As Seen on TV product that promises to make bath time fun for kids and less of a hassle for their parents. Each set consists of two waterproof lights, great for using in the bath tub, as well as ten Tizzies, which essentially are foam balls, great for playing during bath time. The lights alternate and create a sort of light show, which the product’s manufacturers promise will keep the little ones entertained for hours on end. According to the product description, there are three different light shows that the devices are able to display. The LED display of these lights is water-tight and water-proof, which makes them hold out underwater.

How Well Do the Party in the Tub Lights Work?

It’s impossible to tell if Party in the Tub Lights work, since there is no relevant Party in the Tub Lights review available online. Without having tested the product or hearing from someone who has, our opinions can only qualify as guesswork. By and large, the product looks like a good idea, so long as the receptacles for the lights really are water-proof and water-tight. The plastic looks durable and although the lights may not replace all bath toys that your kids enjoy, the light shows do look entertaining enough from toddlers.

Potential Drawbacks

Party in the Tub Lights

There is more than just one Party in the Tub Lights review out there that complains about not having received the product at all. Some would-be buyers said they waited for as long as two months for their order to arrive and even tried checking with the seller with no results. As one can easily imagine, the kids, who had been very excited about receiving the lights, soon lost patience with checking the front porch every other day, waiting for the product to arrive. Other potential buyers said the company’s website is very shoddily designed and charged them for the order without any confirmation. When trying to cancel the order, the same clients said the company took several hours before returning the money.

Are the Party in the Tub Lights Good for You?

All in all, our Party in the Tub Lights review concludes you’re better off holding out on this product. It’s not clear whether or not the producers of this device have fixed their delivery issues and finally sent the buyers their orders. However, given the large number of complaints regarding this aspect, you should probably find a similar, more easily available product, if you want to avoid a potential rip-off, as well as the heartbreak it would cause your child.


  1. Thank you for this review! We were just about to order this toy. However, I have 3 little ones and do not need the hassle of having to deal with non delivery issues.

  2. We just purchased these at our local grocery store they were 10.00 off and sold for $4.99 plus tax. upon opening the box everything is looking good then came the impossible part.

    The small screws are literally impossible to take out in order to put the batteries in. We have tried for over 35 minutes using no less than 9 different screwdrivers including flat heads and Phillips and the 1 driver we found to somewhat fit was an older eyeglass flat head driver that has no length for torque to turn them.

    So we now have a 4 year old that wants his bath with the special lighting but we can’t do because we can’t open the toy.

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