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Ped Egg Review - As Seen On TV - GradedReviews
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Ped Egg Review

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Ped Egg

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some kind of a magic kit that gave your feet a professionally-looking pedicure right at home without all the fuss of making a reservation, going to the salon and having to pay quite a sum for each such session? Well, the Ped Egg seems to be the answer to this wish. As the name implies, it’s basically a quick pedi session in an egg (the tool itself is shaped like one). It promises to shed off tons of dead skin from the heel and the foot with ease and with no mess (basically, all those dead cells are supposedly caught inside the egg for the user to discard later). Could the Ped Egg be the answer to getting soft, healthy-looking feet whenever you want to? Let’s take a look.

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– Not at all expensive.

– Easy to handle and use.

– Quick action, no soaking required.

– Painless action.

– Effective for most reviewers.


– Some mess does escape.

– May leave skin feeling tender.

– The replacement blades might not be as effective as the original ones.

Ped Egg: What Is It?

The Ped Egg is a do-it-at-home device that allows you to obtain a freshly out-of-pedicure look and feel for your feet without the fuss. As for the technical details, the Ped Egg is an egg-shaped foot file designed to remove dead skin cells and prevent calluses. It can be used directly over dry and un-soaked skin. The resulting shavings are captured into the egg-like storage department that also doubles as the device’s handle.  Then, when you’re ready to discard the shavings, the Ped Egg easily comes apart and is re-sealed again for future use. The file contains a great number of stainless steel blades (over 135) that scrape off the dead skin as the user moves it across their heels and feet. After a while of regular use, replacement blades will of course be needed; the producers offer those as well.

How Well Does the Ped Egg Work?

Most customers are very pleased with the product and report that the Ped Egg really does remove incredible amounts of dead skin (amounts that weren’t really noticeable in the first place) in no time. Even the lightest motion is enough to remove large quantities of dead cells with little effort and no pain at all.

This way, the file is actually more efficient than a pumice stone (and also not requiring any soaking) and cheaper and more convenient than a professional pedicure.  Also considering the relatively low price, the Ped Egg is definitely more than worth buying.

Potential Drawbacks

Although the original product usually reports high levels of consumer satisfaction, the blade replacements are sometimes reported to be not quite as good as the original one. But considering the low price of the product to start with, there’s no impediment to buying another new Ped Egg whenever the old one has lived off its days.

Another possible issue is that the resulting mess of dead cells is not really as tightly contained as the advertisement promises, which means you’ll have occasional dead skin escaping from the container. We don’t see this as a deal-breaker either, though, as the mess is easy to manage depending on the location on where you choose to use it.

And the last issue to consider is that, as in the case of many as-seen-on-TV products, extra fees and charges may be added if you buy it from the infomercial directly.

Is the Ped Egg Right For You?

In our opinion, the potential drawbacks of the product are not only minor compared to its advantages, but also manageable with a bit of planning. To avoid the extra fees, buy it from a trusted retailer instead of the informercial. To avoid the lower quality replacement blades, consider just replacing the product altogether. If an easy to achieve, cheaper than the salon pedicure is what you’re looking for, then Ped Egg is the right product for you.

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