Pedi Spin Electronic Callus Remover

Pedi Spin Electronic Callus RemoverMany women and men out there are constant sufferers when it comes to their feet. Sore heels, dry skin, calluses, cracked and painful spots, they are all reasons to feel discomfort on a daily basis. Calluses, as a common problem, are especially painful, damaging and unpleasant, many women admitting to be ashamed to go for a pedicure because of them. In this context, a callus remover comes in handy as a good solution for removing dead skin, alleviate calluses and treat the feet so they can gain back their natural healthy color and texture. The Pedi Spin Electronic Callus Remover is an As Seen on TV product advertised as a highly efficient callus remover and available on specialized online shops, such as Target or Amazon, but it can be found also in local stores such as Walmart. The goal of this Pedi Spin Electronic Callus Remover review is to see if the product matches or even overcomes the users’ expectations.


–          It has an ergonomic construction that makes it easy to use, carry and store

–          It comes with two different treatment plates, one for polishing tough calluses and rough portions of the skin which need an intense treatment and one for finishing, recommended for smoothing and repeated follow – up treatments after polishing

–          Works with batteries

–          It is easy to clean


–          The motor power is low and the results are low quality in removing callus

–          There are manufacturing defects that have concerned many users

–          The price is too high for its real efficiencyPedi Spin Electronic Callus Remover 2

Pedi Spin Electronic Callus Remover: What Is It?

While it isn’t aimed to fully replace specialized pedicure intervention on calluses and medical or alternative treatments for feet issues such as cracked heels, damaged skin, and painful toe spots and so on, the device is marketed as a useful tool in removing tough calluses and smoothing rough edges and stressed, cracked and sore portions of the feet’s skin.

How Well Does The Pedi Spin Electronic Callus Remover Work?

Considering customers’ opinions, the device does the job within some limitations. A harder pressure on the foot makes it stop and not remove calluses properly, while it is agreed that it could work better if the manufacturing flaws were to be repaired. The plates are useful but to only some temporary extent.

Potential Drawbacks

Using the product comes with several issues that were highlighted after several uses: some devices broke down after the first trial, while others didn’t prove so efficient in removing tough calluses as advertised. Although the Pedi Spin Electronic Callus Remover manages to give back the feet their natural color, remove dead skin and improve skin texture and look, its low power motor disappointed a lot of users who consider it completely inefficient in comparison with the marketing. Moreover, because its low efficiency, it has to be used on a daily basis, which some people can’t do for subjective reasons. Other complaints included besides the spinning stops while pressuring the device against the feet and the low motor capacity, other drawbacks such as the plates falling off too easily or the battery lid sliding if the device isn’t held in the right position. Many people lacking a full feet and body flexibility due to medical conditions found it hard to use and at least one Pedi Spin Electronic Callus Remover review makes this claim.

Pedi Spin Electronic Callus Remover 3Is the Pedi Spin Electronic Callus Remover good for you?

The general opinion and the conclusion of our Pedi Spin Electronic Callus Remover review is that it is of a too low quality to be worth its price. While the general purpose of the product is highly appreciated by both women and men of any age, the technical issues are too much of a problem to consider this product a smart investment. Those happy with the product described it as being average, to say the least, while others recommend similar products with a higher degree of quality.

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