PediPaws Review

PediPaws-review01Wouldn’t it be great to have a sort of mini-salon right at home, which would allow you to give your pet (be it a cat or a dog) a manicure? Trim their nails, file them, make sure they are smooth and can do no harm – and all that at affordable costs! Visits to pet salons can be both expensive, as well as nerve-wracking, both for the pet as well as for their owner. Luckily, just as there exist at-home trimmers and files for humans, now producers have come up with a similar alternative for our furry, four-legged friends. That’s what the PediPaws promises to be: “a revolutionary nail trimmer for your dog or cat”. This PediPaws review, however, promises to tell you the truth about the product. Does it really work As Seen on TV, or should you be looking for other similar products?


–          Does work, for those who’ve got enough patience to try it out

–          Can successfully file human nails


–          The noise of the motor scares some pets

–          Just as stressful for pets and owners as a visit to the salon

–          Can take a long time to file the animals’ nails

–          The motor heats up during usage

PediPaws: What Is It?

PediPaws-review02The PediPaws is a motorized nail trimmer for dogs and cats, which can be purchased online for $8.98. It comes with a precision filing wheel made out of emery, which removes each layer of nail in turn. The protective cap at the end of the device prevents nail clippings and nail dust from spilling all over the floor and making a mess. The device is battery operated and can be used safely by most pet owners, regardless of whether or not they have any previous experience in giving their dog or cat a manicure.

How Well Does PediPaws Work?

One PediPaws review probably puts it best – the product does work, but not on (most animals). That’s because the vast majority of pets will be annoyed, intimidated, or otherwise deterred by the noise the device makes. It will work as a trimmer and motorized file, but it’s probably best used on humans. As a matter of fact, some buyers decide to use it on themselves, instead of returning the product. The problem is that the PediPaws only has one speed and a safety block, which both hinder the process and make it last for a really long while. Some owners appreciate the challenge and continue using it on their pets, but it’s most likely those with extremely patient and obedient animals. It’s also usually recommended, by more than one PediPaws review, to trim long nails before using this gadget, as it is not powerful enough to deal with overgrown or very hard claws.

Potential Drawbacks

PediPaws-review03Most complaints, explained in more than one PediPaws review online, have to do with the noise that the motor of the trimmer makes. Some dog owners found that their more patient canines will withstand it, while others tricked them into submission with tricks, while they used the PediPaws. As for cats, the verdict is rather unanimous: most of them won’t even come near the device when it’s on. Another potential issue is the fact that the PediPaws will only file very small quantities of the animals’ nails in one go. While this is good for safety, it does prolong the process excessively and causes many users to lose patience with it. Last, but certainly not least, many note that it’s not recommended to quick animals with such a tool, as the heat from the friction and the engine will become uncomfortable for the animal and might even cause burns to their skin.

Is It Right for You?

As one PediPaws review we found on states, it’s probably better to consider investing in another product, which is similar in terms of functionality, but much more efficient. A professional dog groomer recommends the Dremel MiniMite instead of the PediPaws, since the former product does a good job at grinding the claws safely and quickly. The same groomer explains that it’s usually best to use a regular trimmer on excessively long nails, so as to avoid hurting the animals. All in all, the PediPaws is not too appreciated by pet owners and most of them don’t recommend purchasing the product for animal use.

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