Perfect Fries Cutter Review

perfect-fries-cutter-review01Men and women alike surely must have wished at least once to cook home perfectly cut potato fries, just like the ones you find in specialized restaurant chains. Moreover, many women tried dozens of new recipes which included zucchini sticks, carrot sticks or apple sticks for that matter. It may not be hard to slice and dice your potatoes and vegetables by hand with a sharp knife, but for fast and perfect results, one needs chef skills, patience, time and determination. And frying a lot of potatoes for the entire family in a very short time becomes an ordeal many women confronted themselves with before. So how about we had a device that perfectly cuts our potatoes, zucchinis, carrots and other vegetables with only one push? The Perfect Fries cutter is an As Seen on TV product that can be bought also from online stores, Amazon and even the local Walmart. It promises a fast and accurate cut on almost all vegetables, with an emphasis on creating the perfect French fries. Once the potato inserted into the device, one needs only a push in a vertical plane to get the desired fries. In this Perfect Fries Cutter review, we’ll see if this product is really as good as they promise.


–          It cuts the vegetables really fast, with only one push

–          It is easy to detach all parts and clean them separately

–          It is safe to clean with a dishwasher

–          It is fit to cut other types of vegetables than potatoes

–          The final result is very satisfactory, as the fries come out perfectly cut


–          The potatoes you need to cut should have flat bottom and top, be small or medium in size and soft, as a large hard potato might be very hard to cut this way, getting stuck into the device, with the blade not being able to slice vertically the entire potato.

–          In order to cut a hard potato, a certain amount of physical force is needed to push the blade all the way down.

–          The device needs to be properly used, as assembling the blade in the wrong position may turn the device useless, causing the vegetables to jam into the device.

Perfect Fries Cutter: What Is It?perfect-fries-cutter-review02

This is a cutting device that can turn vegetables into fine-cut and shaped sticks, ready to fry, bake or eat raw. It uses a pushing from up – to – down mechanism in order to let the blade slice through the potato, while being dishwasher safe.

How Well Does Perfect Fries Cutter Work?

One online Perfect Fries Cutter review we found says the device works under some particular circumstances the user needs to keep being aware of at all times: the potatoes need to not be too large, as they might get jammed into the device; it is preferable that the vegetables have a degree of moist to them, as very hard ones need a strong push to come out on the other side perfectly cut; the user needs to be very careful on how he or she places the blade as a wrong position can determine jams and little functionality. If these criteria are met, the device works as it promises. It cuts well softer vegetables, such as zucchinis, eggplants and apples, but given the fact that some vegetables have spherical shapes or are round in their middle, some adjustments are needed before introducing them into the cutting device.

However, after learning how to use the device, it becomes a perfect cutting machine, especially for the ones who strive on getting the perfectly shaped fries they eat in restaurants and fast foods. It is also fun to use when having children, as fruit and vegetable sticks may be exactly what they need to have fun and eat healthy.

Potential Drawbacks

perfect-fries-cutter-review03Using the product comes with some warnings on learning how to use it properly, says a buyer and author of another Perfect Fries Cutter review. Some people might find the instructions and the mandatory pre-use adjustments to take a lot of time, thus preferring to manually cut vegetables in the old traditional way, with a sharp knife. The blade works very well, it is sharp and goes through the vegetables as it would cut butter, but making sure the veggies won’t get jammed inside, have the potatoes in small or medium sizes, cutting them top and bottom may be considered a waste of time and a useless effort, especially if the pushing itself requires some force.

Is the Perfect Fries Cutter good for you?

Those who bought the device and learned how to use it properly to get the best shaped fries didn’t complain about it, being very impressed with the final results and the price – efficiency balance. The device is worth the trouble only if you are set to obtain the perfect looking French fries or zucchini sticks, otherwise, users claimed having troubles with using the cutter. It is not universally adaptable to any type or shape of fruit or vegetable, so hand-made adjustments are necessary. So, the conclusion of this Perfect Fries Cutter review is that the device saves time only if the user knows exactly what to cut and how to cut, otherwise, accidents are prone to happen.

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