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Pet-Zzz-PadPet owners struggle with a wide range of specific issues, such as pets sleeping in all the wrong spots around the house. They try and educate their four-legged companions to keep off the couch or the bed, but for some this just turns out to be an impossible task. At the same time, it’s often tough to resist the pleading eyes of a cold, wistful puppy or kitten. So here comes a product, the Pet-Zzz-Pad, As Seen on TV and available for purchase on Amazon, which promises to keep your pets warm and off your furniture. The aim of this Pet-Zzz-Pad review is to figure out how effective this product is at warding off pets, while also keeping them warm and snug. Can this heated pad really determine Mr. Whiskers or good old Fido to sleep on it? Read on to find out!


–          It usually lasts for a very long time – a matter of years.

–          Good for both cats and dogs, which it keeps off couches, beds, and arm chairs.

–          Quick activation, with a single step.

–          Keeps pets warm.


–          Depending on the quality of some items, they may not last for too long.

–          The color in the picture on the item’s box is not true to life, according to at least Pet-Zzz-Pad review.

–          The item is difficult to locate in stores.

Pet-Zzz-Pad: What Is It?

The Pet-Zzz-Pad is a pet bed, suitable for both cats and dogs. It’s recommended both by the American Kennel Club, as well as by the Cat Fanciers Association. It’s flexible, easy to store, and requires no further assembly. It comes with a chew-resistant cord, which makes it safe to be left within the reach of animals. It’s ideal both for small animals, such as puppies and kittens who have just been removed from their families, as well as for older animals, like arthritic or otherwise senior pets, whose joint and muscle pains it can alleviate without a problem. It can generate a warmth of 102 degrees Fahrenheit and turns off the second your pet leaves the pad. The cover can be removed to be machine washed and in order to clean the pad you can just wipe it off of all the grime.Pet-Zzz-Pad-review02

How Well Does the Pet-Zzz-Pad Work?

According to more than just one Pet-Zzz-Pad review we found online, most pets absolutely love this product. One user even said they can’t convince their cat to sleep anywhere else. Most users were very happy to have found such a product that will turn itself on and off, as other heating pads for pets just stay on all the time and make the owners worry about how safe they are. Additionally, others praised the item’s durability and claimed to have owned such products for several years. The chord is long enough for the pad to be placed anywhere around the house.

Potential Drawbacks


Not many buyers and users had issues against this product for pets. One marginal issue had to do with the color of the actual item: while the packaging box suggests the pad is a bright yellow, in fact it comes in a rather unsightly mustard. Another issue one user took against the producers of the Pet-Zzz-Pad is that it’s difficult to find in stores and can only be ordered online.

Is the Pet-Zzz-Pad Good for You?

All in all, it looks like our Pet-Zzz-Pad review can only be positive. The product does deliver on the promise of keeping your pets safe and snug and indeed does turn itself on and off, for enhanced safety. It’s yet difficult to determine how durable it actually is, since it’s rather new on the market, but it’s got good odds at becoming a popular product for pet owners.


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