Avoid Expensive Tickets with Photoblocker Spray

They’re the bane of almost every motorist; red light cameras. While they claim to help keep the roads safe, red light cameras often make mistakes and leave innocent motorists with expensive tickets they don’t deserve. They work by taking a photo of your license plate as you pass through a red light, so if you can prevent the camera from capturing your plate number, you have no way of getting a ticket. That’s the idea behind the Photoblocker Spray. It glosses over your plate so that it’s readable to the naked eye but can’t be captured on camera. But how well does it really work?

What Is Photoblocker Spray?

Photoblocker is a unique spray that can be applied to license plates to make them extremely glossy and reflective. By making license plates very reflective, the flash used by most red light cameras will be reflected brightly off of the plate making photos overexposed. When the camera cannot make out the numbers on the license plate, a ticket cannot be issued to the driver. The spray is legal in most areas and is essentially undetectable to the naked eye. This makes it a great improvement over obstructive plate covers that are illegal in most areas and can easily be detected by law enforcement personnel. The spray can be used to trick nearly any automated traffic violation camera that uses a flash, including some speed cameras.

Using the Photoblocker spray is also extremely easy. The first step is to remove the plate from the vehicle so that it can be sprayed without damaging the vehicle. The plate should also be cleaned and dried for best application results. Users should then lay the license plate down on a flat surface. Using the spray can, even strokes of spray should be applied until the plate appears soaked. Allow the plate to dry until it is a bit sticky to the touch. Then repeat this process three to four times until the plate is very glossy in appearance. Once the plate is 100% dry, the plate can then be placed back on the vehicle. Each can of spray contains enough fluid to properly coat approximately four license plates. This could be used for the front and back plate of two cars or even just the back plates of four cars. If you’ve applied the product correctly, your vehicles should now be protected from most red light cameras.

Photoblocker SprayPROS:

– Sprays on quickly

– One can cover approximately 4 license plates

– Overexposes photos of your plate so you avoid tickets from red light cameras

– Invisible to the naked eye

– Doesn’t wear off over time

– Completely legal in most area

– Affordable price and include a lifetime protection


– Won’t prevent all traffic violations

How Well Does Photoblocker Spray Work? 

With a product such as Photoblocker, it can be difficult to properly test just how well it works. Unless you have access to a red light camera and several vehicles, it can be hard to tell if the product is really working. Luckily, this product has been tested in numerous situations already and it has been proven to successfully prevent most red light cameras from capturing a protected plate on camera. It is important to know that even if the red light camera makes out most of the numbers on your plate, even just one obstructed number or letter on your plate is enough to prevent you from getting a ticket. Since you license plate is truly the only way for the companies operating these cameras to get your address and personal information, preventing them from getting your whole license plate number will also prevent them from sending you a ticket.

In addition to working really well, Photoblocker also happens to be a really great value. Since each can contains enough fluid to completely protect up to four license plates, you could potentially have four different cars completely guarded against red light cameras. And since this product is designed to never flake off or wear out, you’ll never have to worry about buying another can for as long as you keep your plates. The price of one can is also quite low when you consider the fact that just one ticket could easily be two to three times as pricey. If you find yourself getting a lot of tickets, you can’t afford to not own this product.

The accessibility of Photoblocker is another great virtue of the product. For starters, it is extremely easy to use. Unlike complicated covers that may be difficult to install on some vehicles, this product only requires you to know how to remove your plates from your vehicle. Basically, if you can use a spray can, you can use this product. It’s also greatly accessible because of the fact that it is completely legal in most areas. Since it doesn’t obstruct your plate when you viewed normally, most areas have not banned the product. And since it is completely invisible to the naked eye, it would be very difficult to tell if you have used the product.

Potential Drawbacks 

Since it does exactly what it claims to do, it’s hard to find any real fault with the Photoblocker spray. One possible note that should be mentioned is that it won’t protect you from every ticket. If a police officer sees you running a red light or speeding, for instance, this product isn’t going to help you. It should also be noted that a red light camera could be developed that could possibly outwit this product in the future. Overall, however, this product is great at protecting yours from getting unnecessary and expensive red light tickets.

Final Review of Photoblocker Spray

Practically everyone with a car should own a can of Photoblocker spray. It only takes one misstep for you to accidentally run a red light, and in that case, you’ll almost certainly be paying a higher fine than the cost of this product.

Authorities have no other means of identifying your vehicle, so no citation such as speeding tickets can be issued. Your driving record stays safe, as well as the auto insurance premiums will not increase. It works well and it can be applied to up to four license plates.

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