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Pocket Hose Review

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Water with Ease Using the Pocket Hose

If you like to garden or simply like to wash your car on a regular basis, then you’ve likely dealt with using a standard outdoor hose. It can be great for cleaning off a dirty deck or car, and of course it’s a necessity for keeping your garden and lawn wet. But you’ve also likely faced the hassles of tangles, leaks, and lugging it around your yard. And when they’re full of water, these hoses aren’t light. The Pocket Hose was designed to alleviate these problems by providing a full-size hose in an expandable design that can fit in your pocket. But should it replace your standard hose?


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– Available in multiple lengths

– Expands and contracts automatically with water flow

– Small enough to fit in your pocket when contracted

– Doesn’t kink or tangle

– Resistant to leaking

– Extremely lightweight even when water is flowing through it


– Water flow may not be as heavy as with a standard hose

Pocket Hose: What Is It? 

The Pocket Hose is an expandable, lightweight hose designed to contract and expand with the flow of water. Essentially, the hose starts out small enough to fit in your pocket or under a sink. When you turn on the water and the hose is filled, it automatically expands to its full length of 25, 50, 75 or 100 feet. Once you’re finished and you turn the water off, the hose contracts automatically to a much shorter length again. This makes it great for storage in small, tight spaces. The hose itself is comprised of an expandable rubber hose on the inside and a tough protective coating on the outside. This helps protect the hose from tears, leaks and more. It also makes it so that the hose doesn’t kink or tangle.

Whatever length of hose you need, you can find it with Pocket Hose. Currently, the hose comes in four different sizes; 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet and 100 feet in length. Whichever size you choose, they all come with the same set of great features. Even the 100-foot long hose contracts to a size small enough to easily store and handle. Each hose features the same rugged interior and exterior, plus an attractive garden-green color scheme. They are also fitted with an on/off nozzle that allows you to stop the flow of water at the end of the hose. Whichever size you buy, you’ll certainly be pleased with just how easy it is to handle and carry around as well thanks to the lightweight design. It’s unlike any other hose available.


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How Well Does It Work?

If you’re in the market for a new hose that won’t break your back or break the bank, then you should definitely check out the Pocket Hose. The biggest selling point is obviously the fact that it takes up so little space compared to a standard hose, and it does so without all the added heft and bulk. This is because of the unique, lightweight materials the product uses. Instead of thick, rigid rubber tubing, this hose uses a special expanding rubber. This interior rubber hose is strong enough on its own, but it’s also covered by a durable exterior coating that acts as a shield against cuts, leaks and kinks. This material is also responsible for allowing the hose to expand and contract on its own, making it perfect for those that hate untangling or unrolling their current hose.

The Pocket Hose isn’t designed to be a lightweight in the features department, however. In addition to the fact that it contracts and expands automatically, it also hosts a bunch of other great features. Once such feature is the on/off nozzle that allows you to easily shut off the flow of water without having to resort to an attachment or having to walk all the way back to the main shutoff. This feature definitely saves you time and helps avoid wasting water. Another great feature is the fact that the hose is designed to never kink or tangle. This gives you more time to water and less time dealing with a big, tangled mess. Add in the fact that you have multiple sizes to choose from, and the Pocket Hose may just be the most feature-packed hose you’ll ever own.

Portability is another big benefit of owning the Pocket Hose. You’d almost never think of traveling with your huge, hefty garden hose. With this hose, however, you can easily take it from your house to your boat or even bring it with you to a friend’s place. It can easily go from storage in a barn or shed to your home in no time as well. This portability may not be that useful to some, but for those that plan on traveling in an RV or going out on a boat, it may just be a lifesaver.

Potential Drawbacks

As a whole, the Pocket Hose is superior to a normal hose in almost every way, except perhaps one. While this hose does offer great features like a lightweight construction and protection against leaks, it does seem that it offers slightly less water pressure and perhaps less water flow than a normal hose. It’s likely unnoticeable to most, but those that want maximum pressure when using their hose may be slightly disappointed. It’s still great for cleaning decks or watering plants, however, so this isn’t really a deal breaker for most.


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Is It Right For You?

Even if you’re happy with your current garden hose, you’ll almost certainly want to check out the Pocket Hose for yourself. It takes all the features of a standard hose and improves upon them in nearly every possible way. It’s lighter, more portable, more easily stored and it contracts and expands automatically. It even resists kinks, leaks and tangles. It’s truly a marvel of engineering and it could be the best hose you’ll ever own. You can even choose the exact length you’ll need for your home. If you try it yourself, you’ll almost certainly love it.

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