Potato Express

Potato-Express-review02Baked potatoes are one of those simple pleasures in life that taste absolutely amazing – yet require a whole lot of effort and time spent waiting for the potatoes to actually cook in the oven. But what if a device came along, simplified the process, allowed it to be carried out with the aid of a microwave oven, and reduced baking time to no more than 4 minutes. That’s what the Potato Express says it does: it’s a fabric pocket that helps bring you one of your favorite dishes with a lot less hassle. But does it work? Our Potato Express review takes a look at the issue of cost versus quality, as well as other user experiences with this novelty kitchen device.


–          Cooks potatoes and yams to a wonderful consistency.

–          Works with all sizes of potatoes, be they very large or very small.

–          Affordable price.


–          Some users report baking time to be 4 times as long as advertised.

–          There is a mistake in the Instruction Guide regarding the right way this product should be used.

–          Some might have qualms about the healthfulness of cooking food in the microwave oven.

Potato Express: What Is It?

Potato Express is an insulated fabric pocket that allows you to quickly bake potatoes in the microwave, say the product’s producers. It works with all types of potatoes, including white ones, red ones, sweet potatoes, yams, and just about any kind of potatoes known to man. It’s made of a blend of polyester and cotton threads and also allows you to cook corn or to ‘rejuvenate’ hardened day old bread by making it fresh again. According to the product’s description, it works by creating a steam pocket which retains and then helps propagate the moisture within the flesh of the potato or other vegetable you cook with the Potato Express. It allegedly helps bake potatoes in the microwave within 4 minutes – and the claim is that they taste just as yummy as they would if you baked them in an actual oven. The deliverable package also includes a Gourmet Recipe Guide, with ideas such as Broccoli Cheddar Potatoes, Chili Cheese Potatoes, Sour Cream & Chive Potatoes and Marshmallow Yams.Potato-Express-review01

How Well Does the Potato Express Work?

One Potato Express review we found on Amazon talks about testing the Potato Express with sweet potatoes, large regular ones, as well as yams. The results according to this reviewer were spectacular: the food cooked in 4 minutes, it was properly cooked through, and the resulting baked potato was not at all mealy, but fluffy and enjoyable. Most users report similar experience and they all state they did not expect for the product to actually work as well as it does.

Potential Drawbacks

Potato-Express-review03One drawback of the Potato Express As Seen on TV is the error the producers made with the packaging. Many users will cook their potatoes the wrong way if they place the Potato Express into the microwave with the flap side up. The product’s Instruction Guide amends this mistake by expressly stating the device should be placed inside the microwave with the flap side down. At the same time, some users report ending up cooking the potatoes in the oven after all, after they waited for them to cook in the microwave oven for four times as long as the time advertised.

Is the Potato Express Good for You?

The verdict of our Potato Express review is that it works just fine for most users. While some buyers did experience less fortunate baking incidents with it, they are definitely in the minority. By and large, the Potato Express will work with all kinds of potatoes and will save you a lot of time spent waiting for them to cook in the regular oven.

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