QuickLawn Grass Seed Graded Review

Some people have it easy when it comes to their lawn. Some people have it easy when it comes to everything, but let’s focus on the lawn bit for now. Living in a temperate, warm in the summer and cold in the winter place that also sees plenty of rainfall all year round is one of the conditions that make people have it easy with their lawns. I used to be one of those people when I was living in France some years ago and maintaining a lawn wasn’t even a thing I was thinking about. It was like making sure your rain gutters don’t clog. Once or twice per year you had to dedicate an afternoon to it and that was pretty much it. Moving to a particularly dry corner of California, however, changed all that and made me seriously reconsider everything I knew about lawns. This might seem an unnecessarily dramatic beginning to a QuickLawn Grass Seed review, but it’s important for the context in which QuickLawn became my go-to solution for my lawn.

What is QuickLawn Grass Seed?

quicklawn grass seed

Get Grass that stays Green all Year with QuickLawn

QuickLawn Grass Seed is a grass seed mix that is being advertised on both TV and on the Internet as an easy-to-use way of producing a nice lawn. Its presentation lauds its great price, the fact that it is a grass that stays green all year, as well as its low level of required maintenance. While most of these things are right, there is one large flaw in using it, as other QuickLawn Grass reviews have pointed out, namely the fact that is quite sensitive to high temperature and intense sunlight. Where other plant types generally fail in the shade, QuickLawn pulls a 180 and does the opposite. That could prove to be a deal breaker, particularly in the scorching area where I live, were it not for two simple facts. The first one is that other methods of maintaining my lawn haven’t done that much better and the second one is that QuickLawn Grass Seed is so cheap compared to its alternatives, that it actually makes sense for me to just plant it several times per year and create the illusion of a single crop.

I started using QuickLawn four years ago and have started using multiple seeding sessions for the last three. I am completely happy with all other elements of my lawn other than its lifetime, so I decided to do this when I realized that, depending on the summer temperatures of the year, my lawn started becoming thinner and spotty and yellowy around early summer, no matter how much water I was sprinkling. As soon as the first signs of this appear, a second generation of seeds is planted, reaching maturity by the time the old generation is all but gone.

Things to Consider Before Buying QuickLawn Grass Seed

If you are one of the people who have it easy with their lawns, you’re probably not even reading this review, because you don’t need to. But if you, like me, live in an extreme climate, consider this:

  • QuickLawn Grass Seed really is incredibly cheap. $19.95 for a bag that can cover 5002 is nothing. It literally costs me less to do two or even three planting sessions per year than to use other products, although it should be noted that I have quite a small garden and this might not be feasible for others.
  • Despite eventually thinning out in the high heat, it starts out as a really lush and thick blanket of grass when it firsts start growing. If the same resplendence would last all year round, this would be an almost perfect product.
  • Other than the obvious extra work that several generations of grass require – and that includes removing the withered remains of the previous generation now and then, as well as regular check-ups in an attempt to catch the first signs early – it is quite easy to take care of and doesn’t seem to require special attentions other than some good organic fertilizer and as much water as you can muster.

Where to Buy the QuickLawn Grass Seed

As usual, the best place to buy the product is directly from the manufacturer’s website. You can choose the exact amounts in which you’d like to buy the product and then the cost will be calculated upon these numbers.

The Final Word on QuickLawn Grass Seed

QuickLawn Grass Seed has exponentially increased the amount of effort I need to put in taking care of my lawn, yet I am incredibly grateful for it. Sure, I miss the days when the lawn was only a background element of my household sometimes, but I know that under the current conditions, it’s the best solution my lawn could get. If you are somebody who lacks the sort of problems I am plagued with, QuickLawn Grass Seed is still the best solution around, being able to create a great lawn for a small price and little to no effort. If you are, however, one of those who struggle to create the perfect lawn, QuickLawn Grass Seed is not only the best solution; it is the only viable one.

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