Ronco Chip-Tastic Microwave Potato Chip Maker

Ronco Chip-Tastic Microwave Potato Chip MakerWhen it comes to potato chips, there are two undeniable truths everybody agrees with: potato chips are among the most favorite snacks for all children and adults out there, while there are rising concerns regarding the commercial-on-the-shelf potato chips snacks’ unhealthy features, as there is no secret about them being a little too fatty and too high in calories, which is obviously a major drawback.

Since these two aspects regarding the potato chips seem to be at opposite poles with no chance of making peace, a potato chip maker for the home that would serve both causes (providing a person with tasty potato chips that are also low-fat and low-cal) is indeed a daring challenge. And since we have the Ronco Chip-Tastic Microwave Potato Chip Maker available as an As Seen On TV product, available on the manufacturer’s website, online stores including Amazon, this Ronco Chip-Tastic Microwave Potato Chip Maker review aims to see if this particular product can offer high quality homemade potato chips that are both tasty and healthy.



–          It includes the Chip – Tastic rack, a food slicer and a recipe book

–          It can be used in the microwaves

–          Makes 36 chips a round

–          It is easy to use, clean and store

–          There are only 3 calories per potato chip done this way in comparison with at least 12 calories per chip in store brand similar snacksRonco Chip 2


–          Some chips done this way may turn out raw or burnt when respecting the cooking time suggested in the recipe book

–          It takes a while to make a large quantity of chips for a party for instance, as the Chip – Tastic only allows 36 chips a round

Ronco Chip-Tastic Microwave Potato Chip Maker: What Is It?

Just as its name and more than a single Ronco Chip-Tastic Microwave Potato Chip Maker review say, this is a kitchen device meant to microwave cook potato chips fast and with healthy benefits, such as low fat and low calories intake per chip. It comes with the actual potato chips rack that goes into the microwave, a cutter for potatoes but other fruit and vegetables as well and a recipe book to get people inspired when making chips at home.

How Well Does Ronco Chip-Tastic Microwave Potato Chip Maker Work?

Users who bought this item, following the natural precaution of buying “miraculous” products that are advertised as such, unanimously agreed that the device was more than a pleasant surprise. According to one Ronco Chip-Tastic Microwave Potato Chip Maker review, it was actually a real hit. The cutter helps one slice the potatoes in adequate thick slices without a lot of size variations, while the microwave rack manages to cook the chips to an extent that they look and taste like the store ones. The rack is easy to use and the chips don’t fall on the ground upon taking off the microwave if the user follows carefully the instructions. The recipe book is versatile in suggestions, while the proposed cooking timings may depend also on the microwave power. The final result was agreed to match the store potato chips as taste and flavor, while on the healthy side, many consumers agreed they come indeed with side benefits. One of the most appreciated features of this device is the possibility of making also vegetable and even fruit chips, if the recipes in the book are closely followed.

Ronco Chip 3Potential Drawbacks

Although the device didn’t receive many complains, it is only fair to report that some users complained about not being able to get fully edible batches of chips in one round, as some were undercooked and others got burnt. Others met the first problem while experimenting for the first time with the Chip – Tastic, but many agreed it was more of an issue with adjusting the right microwave power at the right cooking time frame. Sometimes the recipes in the book can’t be finished in the suggested time, but on the other hand, just as in traditional cooking, some recipes need more or less time depending on a series of variables.

Is the Ronco Chip-Tastic Microwave Potato Chip Maker good for you?

Those who bought the device and learned how to use it properly started using it on a daily basis, as they are very happy with the results. Children and adults alike appreciate the final result. While not many are happy with the fruit chips, as they tend not to be so crisp, the potato ones are appreciated as being tasty and lot more healthy than the store bought ones. The conclusion of this Ronco Chip-Tastic Microwave Potato Chip Maker review is that following the recipes within limitations, learning to adjust heat and time and using frequently the cutter will lead to unexpected positive results.

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