Save Money By Using The Best Beauty Blender Dupe Instead Of A High-End Product

 A quality beauty blender is a must-have makeup item. These small sponges blend your makeup and help you achieve a smooth and flawless finish. You can use a blender to remove excess makeup as well. We have put together a list of the best budget and dupe beauty blenders to help you upgrade your makeup bag.

Why Use A Beauty Blender Dupe

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Beauty sponges, blenders, and applicators are a relatively new makeup trend. Several brands are offering their blenders or sponges and shoppers can easily find a wide range of shapes, materials, and textures.

Makeup sponges should be replaced once every two months. You might need to replace a blender sooner if it shows signs of deterioration or if the material is difficult to clean. Bacteria can start growing on these sponges, which is why you shouldn’t use the same blender for too long.

Set of makeup brushes, beauty blenders, silicone sponges and oval brush on a white background

You can make your beauty sponges last longer by properly cleaning and storing them, but a wet beauty blender will still allow bacteria to grow no matter how well you clean it.

Beauty blenders are typically made of foam, but some brands offer silicone applicators. Foam applicators are easy to use and more affordable, but the downside is that this material can absorb some of the makeup you use. Silicone applicators help you get an airbrush finish and won’t absorb any makeup.

Some brands sell sponges for $20 and more. Should you spend this much on a makeup applicator you will have to replace every few months?

The answer is no. It is very easy to find quality makeup blenders for less than $10, and you can also find dupes with a design that is similar to what high-end makeup brands offer.

In fact, spending less on beauty blenders allow you to experiment with different products and to try different shapes and materials to see what you like best. You could also invest in a small collection of makeup sponges, so you have an applicator for every product you use. You should also keep in mind that beauty blenders are easy to lose due to their small size.

The Best Beauty Blender Dupes

We looked for the best beauty blender dupe and budget makeup sponges. Here are the products we think are worth adding to your makeup bag.

EcoTools Perfecting Blender Duo

These eco-friendly makeup sponges are sold for less than $10. They are mostly made from plant-based materials, which is great since these are products you will throw away and replace every few months.

We think the Blender Duo is one of the best investment you could make if you are looking for new makeup sponges since very few brands offer eco-friendly products.

The Blender Duo includes two applicators. The small one is for finishing touches, and the large one is for blending your foundation.

You can use these sponges wet or dry, and you will be able to use the flat surface to cover large areas such as your forehead. The round base is perfect for seamlessly blending your makeup.

The sponges also have sharp lines so you can apply makeups in areas that are hard to reach and create well-defined lines, for instance when applying eye makeup.

EcoTools also offers a blender applicator with a handle. This applicator is ideal if you want to get precise results. It features a sharp tip as well as rounded and flat surfaces. It only costs $6, and you will achieve the same kind of airbrush finish promised by more expensive brands.

Think about purchasing this blender applicator along with the blender duo. The blender duo is a good value, but you won’t get a pointed tip and might not be able to sharp lines with these sponges. The $6 blender applicator would be perfect for blending your eye makeup once you are done using the blender duo for your foundation.

Silicone Beauty Blenders

The Evie beauty blender is a silicone applicator. The main advantage of this product is that you can use it to apply makeup without getting the applicator wet first. The silicone doesn’t absorb your foundation and is easier to clean compared to a foam applicator.

A silicone blender is an excellent investment since it will last longer than a foam sponge. However, an Evie beauty blender will cost you at least $26. The product is worth it, but there are more affordable alternatives to consider if you want to test silicone applicators.

The best beauty blender dupe for silicone applicators is the e.l.f. silicone blender. You can purchase this small applicator for only $6.

Even though the material and texture are similar to the Evie blender, the shape of the e.l.f. silicone blender is different. The Evie blender has a rounded design that helps with blending while the e.l.f. silicone applicator has a flat design.

If you want an affordable silicone blender because you want to avoid bacteria, the e.l.f. budget beauty blender is a dupe worth considering. You will get the same airbrushed finish without the high price tag.

L’Oreal Beauty Sponges

L’Oreal has an interesting collection of beauty blenders. The Infallible Blend Artist collection features three sponges with different designs.

Our favorite L’Oreal beauty blender is the foundation blender. This sponge features a pointed tip that is ideal for applying small dots of makeup. The rounded bottom allows you to blend your foundation and get a smooth finish.

This collection also includes a contour blender with a larger flat surface. This sponge allows you to apply makeup on your forehead and cheekbones in no time.

You can also get the concealer blender. This applicator has a slanted flat surface as well as a rounded side. This is a must-have tool if you use a blender for your eye makeup.

These applicators cost $8 each. Purchasing a single beauty blender from L’Oreal would be affordable, but purchasing these three makeup sponges would set you back $24.

There is a beauty blender dupe worth considering if you need these three applicators. The Sigma 3DHD beauty sponge costs $15 and has six different faces. This applicator does everything the three L’Oreal makeup sponges do for a smaller price tag.

The Sigma 3DHD blender features a ridge, two wedges, a curve, a point, and a flat base. You should be able to use this applicator for your entire makeup routine.

Real Techniques Makeup Sponge

pink and orange beauty blenders

Image via The Beauty Bag

We love this beauty blender because it is designed to apply makeup in spots that are hard to reach. It delivers a perfectly smooth finish and is probably one of the best beauty blenders for the price.

It’s a must-have item for your makeup bag. This small foam sponge only costs $5. There is a flat surface, a rounded side, and a tip. This is the perfect applicator for liquid and mousse foundations!

The foam material will absorb makeup if you don’t get the applicator wet first. Foam isn’t ideal to prevent bacteria growth, but you will be able to replace this applicator regularly due to its low price.

Shany Makeup Blender Set

The Shany Makeup Blender Set is the best value we could find. This set includes ten different blenders and can be purchased for $17.

The ten blenders have different sizes, designs, and colors. You will get an assortment of tips, flat surfaces, slanted surfaces, rounded edges, and wedges.

We think this set is an excellent investment if you are new to using blenders and aren’t sure which designs are best for the products you like to use.

This beauty blender set is also a good choice if you like to try new makeup products or have a complex makeup routine that requires different applicators.

The puff sponges are made from an antimicrobial material. You will still need to replace them every few months, but the antimicrobial material should make them easier to clean.

Aesthetica Cosmetics Beauty Sponge Blender

We think this is the best beauty blender dupe if you only need a rounded side and a precision tip. This makeup sponge is versatile and can be used to apply powder, mousse, and liquid foundation. You can use it wet or dry.

At $9, this beauty blender is a good value since you can use it to apply any makeup product you own. The downside is that this sponge doesn’t have a flat surface. You might want to combine it with another beauty blender that has a slanted or flat side.

This foam sponge is latex-free and is very easy to clean. This is an interesting addition to your makeup collection if you need a versatile blender you can use to apply foundation, concealer, primer, bronzer, and more.

There is no need to spend a lot to get a quality beauty blender. Purchasing a budget blender or a dupe makes more sense since you will have to replace your sponges and applicators regularly. Shopping for affordable beauty blenders also give you the opportunity to try a wide range of shapes and materials!


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