Shake Weight Pro Review

A Detailed Look at Shake Weight Women and Shake Weight Pro

The classic Shake Weight Women has become a very popular product among exercise buffs for its unique design and interesting late night commercials. By now, nearly everyone has heard of this all-in-one exercise product. Utilizing a specially-designed weight system that works all the areas of your arm, this product from has changed the way many women see working out. But how well does it, and the new Shake Weight Pro, really work?

PROS:Shake Weight Pro

– No batteries required
– Works out arms, chest and shoulders
– Available in both Classic and Pro variations
– Includes free workout DVDs
– Pro model features variable resistance
– Quick and easy to use


– No storage or travel case included

Shake Weight Women: What Is It?

The classic model of the Shake Weight Women features several unique attributes that make it a truly one-of-a-kind exercise product. Rather than use just weight to help build muscle like a regular dumb bell, this product utilizes dynamic inertia to increase muscle activity. This is accomplished simply by shaking the product back and forth as you go about you normal workout routine. At 2.5 pounds, this product is light enough for nearly anyone to use it effectively, but heavy enough to provide your upper-body the workout it needs to grow stronger.

The Shake Weight Pro is very similar to the Classic model, but with one big difference. While still utilizing all the unique features that come with the dynamic inertia design, this advanced model also allows women to customize their workout. This is accomplished by adding the feature of variable resistance to the Pro model. By turning the weight, the user can customize the resistance to her level of comfort. For a light workout, the resistance can be lessened. For a more intense workout, the resistance can be increased. This small feature really makes a big difference in how you work out.

Whichever model you choose, both the Shake Weight Women and Shake Weight Pro come with a nice set of bonuses. Every order includes a 3-in-1 workout DVD that can give you a nice head start to utilizing the product effectively in your everyday workout routine. A second DVD is also included that features a new 6-minute workout routine set to music. This exercise known as “Get Loose” utilizes the rhythm of music to help make working out both fun and effective. Every order also qualifies for a 30-day money back guarantee that covers the entire purchase price including shipping fees. It truly makes the entire Shake Weight experience risk-free.

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How Well Does It Work?

There’s no doubt that if you purchase the Shake Weight Women, you will get a work out that you’ve never experienced before. Unlike other exercise equipment that can be bulky or take hours to achieve results, users of this product can get great results in just six minutes a day. The light, portable design make it extremely easy to store or travel with, and since it takes so little time there isn’t any limit to how or when you decide to work out. Of course, just like any exercise program, you truly only get out of it what you put into it. Using this product requires dedication and healthy eating in order to maximize results. If you stick with it, however, it is almost certain to be one of the most useful exercise tools you’ll ever purchase.

As good as the classic design truly is, the Shake Weight Pro merely amplifies the effectiveness of the original. While it is essentially the same product at its core, the added feature of custom variable resistance allows you to ease your way into a more intense workout step by step. Starting out at a low resistance can help you get used to working out and gradually you can increase the resistance for a more intense muscle-building session as you progress. By giving yourself room to grow, you won’t ever feel like you’re not accomplishing your goals or making progress in your exercise regimen. You can even utilize the feature to give yourself rest days where you don’t work your muscles as hard.

What makes both the Shake Weight Pro and Shake Weight Women truly remarkable is just how portable and inexpensive they are compared to other exercise products. For the typical woman on the go, lugging around a bag of dumb bells or bulky equipment just isn’t practical. Taking a full-size exercise machine with you to a hotel while you’re out of town on business is just impossible. That’s why having something that is small, portable and light like this product is great for those who travel a lot. And since it stores easily, it’s also great for those who don’t have the spare room in their home for a whole gym. It’s a complete upper-body workout in a small 2.5 pound package.

Potential Drawbacks

While buying the Shake Weight Pro and the Shake Weight Women is certainly a good decision, they both suffer from a few minor drawbacks. The first is that there aren’t any really color variations to choose from. Both products feature chrome accents, but the Classic only comes in white and the Pro only comes in a mint green color. Not a major issue, of course, but still something that could be rectified in the future. A slightly more important omission is that neither product comes with a carrying case. It seems only natural that a product that was obviously designed to be portable should come with a protective pouch or case, but none is present here. Still not a huge issue, but it definitely is an area that could be improved upon.

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Is It Right for You?

For those just getting in to exercising and building muscle, the classic Shake Weight Women is a great buy thanks to its all-in-one exercise features and unique dynamic inertia design. It’s extremely small and light, yet versatile and effective. Those who are looking to advance their exercise routine even further will definitely be pleased by the additional features offered in the Shake Weight Pro. Both products are well-designed, but if for some reason you aren’t satisfied, the 30-day money back guarantee is there in case you need it.

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