ShamWow Review

shamwowThere is no way you could have missed the expansive ShamWow TV commercial – it makes the seemingly impossible to keep promise of cleaning up any puddle, any leak, and any spill, no matter how large. As a matter of fact, the precise wording is that this set of household towels from can hold up to twelve times its own weight in liquid. The opinions are highly divided: some users are thoroughly disappointed with the product and claim it is no better than your regular pack of paper towels from the store. Others, however, claim that it does work, but only if it’s used the right way. Our ShamWow review aims to explore all these claims, as well as to suggest other purposes for using this hugely popular As Seen on TV product.


–          does work on certain types of spills, exactly as advertised

–          can also be used as a bathing towel

–          can be washed clean

–          reusable

–          very durable


–          will not mop up all spills

–          will smear some spills all over the place

–          it is not made of a material soft enough to be used on human skin

ShamWow: What Is It?

ShamWow is a set of textile towels, which claims to be able to soak up any type of spilling, irrespective of where it is located. According to the commercial, it can remove water from carpeting, from tabletops and other surfaces in the kitchen, from potted plants, and from floors. The producers claim it can even successfully mop up snow in solid form. It can allegedly hold up a lot of liquid and, as another ShamWow review points out, it should always be used damp. It can be washed and reused endlessly, as the fabric is very durable and will withstand numerous wash cycles. However, it should not be put in the dryer after washing, as exposure to too much heat can potentially damage the fabric.

How Well Does It Work?

The opinions are mixed in this respect. Some buyers, as well as the author of one ShamWow review available online, claim that it doesn’t hold up to the level of efficiency advertised in the infomercial. According to many reviewers, the ShamWow simply pushes water around, instead of absorbing it, as promised. Other reviewers, however, noted that it efficiently absorbs water poured at the root of a plant, snow, beer, and many other types of spillage. It has been noted that it is, by far, the best product of its kind, after rival producers made claims to have bested the ShamWow with their own absorbent towels. Some have used the ShamWow as a towel to dry up after swimming and noted that it works very well to this end. Another way of using this product successfully is as a bathroom mat. Since the bathroom is almost always damp, the ShamWow will work wonders at keeping your feet and floor dry.

Consumer Concerns

One ShamWow review notes that the product is far from holding as much water as it claims. Another one says that, while using it as a towel is not a bad idea, the product is made from too rough of a fabric to be used on human skin. While not all users and/or reviewers are happy with the product, many note that it’s important to use it correctly, in order to get good results. When used completely dry, the ShamWow will not absorb liquids, but simply smear them around.

The Verdict

ShamWow is a clever invention for the household and can potentially yield good results. A lot of its appeal lies in the affordable price tag and its great capacity for being reused to no end. The conclusion of this particular ShamWow review is that buyers explore different ways of using the product: for toweling dry one’s car after it has been washed, for instance.


  1. Antonio says:

    Found this for sale at the dollar store, so I bought one. It has the same name and the picture of the guy above on it. This contained only one sheet which is about 14 inches by 14 inches. I used it to dry my new car in place of the real chamois cloth I normally use (just to try it out). It dried the car but left wet “smears” and streaks behind. I never had to ring it out. The real chamois definitely works better and leaves the car polished. I suppose it might be good for absorbing a lot more water such as on a table, floor, puddle, etc. I would not use it on the car again.. also it is rather abrasive. OF note: MY item instructions said NOT to put in the washing machine, yet it was the ShawWow with this actor on it. I thought it was washable in the ads.

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