Side Socket Swivel Outlet Review

side socket swivel outletHow many times did we need a power socket to fit in anywhere, to be well hidden behind the couch, under a desk or behind a piece of furniture? How many times didn’t we wish our regular sockets could spin or pivot so that we could really make use of our home appliances? And how many times did we wish for the sockets to have built in surge protection? During a normal day, we use sockets even more often than we care to count, but they poke to our attention every time something is not working right or when we suddenly realize that if we had swivels to redirect power, things would become easier for all of us. The Side Socket Swivel Outlet is a promising product you may have seen on TV or online commercials, but can also be found on Ace, Amazon and in specialized stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond. While some people don’t have any problems with plugging in their home appliance and devices into regular sockets, others felt the need to get ones that can swivel and keep the wires flat to the ground without the extra power strip. If plugging in many devices is a concern you have around the house, below you can find our Side Socket Swivel Outlet review.


–          It is easy to use

–          The swivel on one side helps you save space especially behind living room furniture or kitchen appliances

–          It comes with a built in power surge

–          It is easy to keep, transport during travels and store safely

–          You can have it shipped for free with very few exceptions

side socket swivel outlet2CONS

–          This product has only one swivel side, in comparison to other similar project that have both sides built in presenting this feature

–          Some kits come without the built-in power surge, which led to confusion and controversy among consumers

–          Some similar products can be found at lower prices and better designs and capabilities

Side Socket Swivel Outlet: What Is It?

This is in essence a multi-plug outlet, which also swivels on one side, allowing the user to solve the clutter problem when it comes to plugging in several devices or home appliances. There are two main features this product is appraised for, one being the swivel side, saving space and allowing the user charge multiple devices in a flexible and adaptive manner and the power surge protection, which offers the user a large level of safety.

How Well Does the Side Socket Swivel Outlet Work?

Considering this is a multi plug outlet of 1000 Jules, it is useful especially for those houses presenting many appliances; devices and chargeable electric items that put together may clutter the space and look messy and unorganized. Its main highlight is the swivel side, which adds more flexibility to the user, allowing them to adjust the power cables so they occupy the least amount of space. The product also saves the consumer of using an extra power strip and since it allows power cords to stay free from being crushed, twisted and presenting gaps, especially if behind furniture pieces.

This product comes with built in surge protection, which is why it received positive reviews so far, although many complained that similar products don’t come with such feature, making them less safe and practical.

Potential Drawbacks

Although this product comes with a design that features one stationary side and one that swivels, together providing the consumer with six sockets, we’ve found more than just one Side Socket Swivel Outlet review online that says otherwise. Many users admitted that having both sides swiveling or having such an outlet with three plug-in areas would have been even more helpful and in some cases, necessary. There is also the concern of the power surge, as similar products come with or without one, which is bothering for some consumers’ categories. Also, the design might be considered rather bulky than finished.

side socket swivel outlet3When it comes to pricing, many users admitted that a thorough search in online stores or some local specialized shops in your area will lead to finding cheaper similar products with even better features, such as surge warranties (if a surge occurs and damage the electronics plugged in) and with less misleading and extra costs (such as the return tax).

Is the Side Socket Swivel Outlet good for you?

Judging by many a Side Socket Swivel Outlet review, tere is still a high level of debate regarding this product, as some people don’t complain about only one side swiveling, as others found cheaper similar products with both sides swiveling and a manufacturer’s warranty for surges. However, the opinions are split between those who consider this outlet exactly what they needed in terms of saving space and keep uncluttered environments, while others expected a higher quality. If you only need this device for saving space and the one side swivel is enough for you, you can get the product if it best fits your needs in terms of cost-efficiency.

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