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Simply Straight is a ceramic hair straightener that claims it will give you salon quality hair in half the time it takes with your regular flat iron and hairbrush. This As Seen on TV product boasts a lot, but does it deliver? Anytime you see a 2-in-1 product it raises a little doubt. Although using a flat iron takes time, if done right the results are good enough. But if you can do the same thing in half the time and avoid damaging your hair with a hot skillet why not do it?

Consumer feedback is tricky when it comes to hair straightener reviews, and sure enough feedback for this product is no different. We’ll explain how the Simply Straight brush works and whether you should invest in it for yourself.

How Simply Straight Works

Simply Straight has the appearance of a flat iron combined with a hairbrush with each of the bristles wrapped in ceramic. As you move the brush through your hair the ceramic bristles contour to each hair strand, starting at the root and working its way to the tips as you brush, straightening your hair along the way.

The straightening brush’s simple design makes it easy to use. Three buttons are all you need: a power button and two temperature control buttons. Temperatures can range between 365 and 450 degrees and it is displayed on an easy to read LCD display. By controlling the temperature you can deliver an even and gentle heat to each strand. This means that there is no more flattening or frying your hair.

To start, set the temperature to the desired setting (see below for suggested temperature). Then separate a section of hair to be straightened. Place this product close to the roots of the selected hair and using your other hand hold the hair firmly and brush down from root to tip slowly as to avoid contact with your skin or scalp. That’s all there is to it.

Simply StraightThings to Keep in Mind Before Buying Simply Straight

  • Before you use you must comb through your hair with a normal brush so that it is smooth and free of tangles. Also, only use on clean, dry hair. Do not use on hair extensions and make sure your hair is clean of hair products such as creams, gels, spray, etc.
  • Recommended temperature ranges are: Low (365 degrees) for delicate, fine, or colored hair; Medium (410 degrees) for natural hair; and High (450 degrees) for thick or curly hair.
  • Comes with an automatic shut off feature. If it is not used for more than 60 minutes continuously then it automatically shuts down.
  • Easy to clean. Just use a soft, dry cloth to wipe away any dust or residue. You may use a damp cloth, just be sure to unplug it for safety concerns.
  • Simply Straight offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If you do need to return it for any reason call their toll free number 1-800-613-0526.

Where to Buy Simply Straight

If you are interested and would like to buy Simply Straight you have quite a few options. If you don’t want to order online or on the phone several bargain outlet stores now carry this hair brush. If you’re okay with ordering online check out the official manufacturer’s website or web retailers with several listings like Amazon.

Is Simply Straight Right for You?

If you’ve looked at other Simply Straight reviews most seem to be pretty positive. But the thing with hair reviews is that there isn’t one product that can universally work for all hair types and for all tastes. I think that the most legitimate criticism that I’ve read is that it doesn’t work for hair that is not at least 8-10 inches long. My hair is not that short but I could see that being a problem as you don’t have enough hair to hold onto to make it taut enough to get the brush through. But for most people Simply Straight is a great product that works nearly as advertised.


When I say nearly I have to point out that they state this is a do-all product (brush and straighten), when in their own instructions they say that you must brush your hair out prior to using the aforementioned product. But what I do like is that it does straighten without pancaking my hair into a flat iron. It doesn’t work quite as quick as they would like you to think, but it doesn’t take any longer either and my hair feels less damaged and looks like it should. I think that this product is a great purchase.

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