Slushy Magic Review

If you or your kids love making slushies and frozen drinks, you probably already know how much work it can be. Making sure you have enough ice, setting up the blender and timing everything just right can be a pain. A new product called Slushy Magic may be the solution for you. It super-freezes nearly any beverage to make a slushy in minutes.

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slushy magicPros:

  • No blender necessary
  • Doesn’t water down drinks
  • Safe for kids
  • BPA free
  • Reusable


  • Alcoholic drinks not recommended
  • Carbonated drinks occasionally overflow

What Slushy Magic Is

So just what is this new As Seen on TV product, and is it worth the price? Each Slushy Magic kit is designed to make a slushy out of nearly any liquid in minutes using a specially designed shaker and set of “magic cubes” that pop in the freezer. Each kit comes with one shaker and three cubes, or enough to make one slushy at a time.

In order to make a slushy, all you have to do is take the three cubes out of the freezer and place them in the shaker cup. Then you simply pour in your choice of juice, soda or even milk and shake for just a few minutes. Almost magically, the drink will now be a slushy that can be immediately enjoyed.

Though the cubes have to be frozen, they’re not like actual ice cubes at all. Each magic cube is made from BPA-free plastic, and contained within is a special saltwater mixture. These special cubes use the chemical properties of saltwater to super-freeze whatever liquid you choose.

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The freezing process creates hundreds of small ice crystals in the drink in only a minute, which creates the slushy consistency everyone loves. After the slushy is gone, the special cubes can be reused by washing in warm water and placing them back in the freezer.

slushy magic reviews

Each kit also includes a few extras to help make each slushy even more fun. In addition to the shaker cup and magic cubes, every kit comes with a magic spoon straw. Kids and adults can use the straw to not only drink the slushy easily, but to scoop up all the frozen bits that are too big to drink. As an added bonus, the kit also includes a drink guide in order to inspire kids and adults with new recipes and combinations to try.

How It Helps You

The best part about Slushy Magic is that it is so quick and easy to use. Instead of wasting time on getting out a blender and a bag of ice, a slushy can quickly be made by throwing a few cubes in a cup and shaking it up.

Not only does this make life easier as a parent, but it also means that your kids can now make their own slushy drinks without any adult supervision. The whole kit is simple and easy enough for even a kid to use. Not to mention that without the blender, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up a huge mess.

It’s also great because you no longer have to worry about keeping your fridge stocked with ice. Making ice can take forever and buying ice can be expensive. Not only that, but ice can make your slushy taste watered down. In order to make a slushy with ice and a blender, nearly half of your drink is going to be ice. Since the magic cubes don’t add any additional water to your drinks, you know your slushy will always taste great.

Slushy Magic should also be recognized for how much attention was paid to making their product safe and durable. The plastic used in every kit is BPA-free, meaning it poses no danger to young children. It’s also non-toxic, which is important for everyone. Each product is also very durable and designed for reuse, so you won’t have to worry about cubes breaking while you shake up your drink.

Competing Products

Currently there are no competing products that can match what Slushy Magic does. Even store-bought slushy drinks from the convenience store don’t seem to be able to compare, largely due to the large volume of ice contained in them. Not only that, but they are expensive and offer very little in terms of variety. Overall, this product is truly unique and stands out as an undisputed champion among slushy makers.


Overall, the Slushy Magic kit can’t be recommended enough. While other products you see on TV might disappoint you, this product goes above and beyond what it claims to offer. You’ll not only save money by not buying slushy drinks at the store, but you’ll also be able to make your own anytime you want. Kids and adults both will love Slushy Magic.