Sobakawa Pillow Review

Millions of people around the world have trouble getting to sleep at night. Millions more have back pain when they wake up in the morning. Both of these problems could be due to the pillow you use. The Sobakawa Pillow claims to be able to help with these problems, but can it really do everything it promises?

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Sobakawa PillowPros:

  • Keeps head supported
  • Stays cool
  • Extremely comfortable
  • No need to flip or fluff
  • Contours to your neck


  • Beads can fall out if torn
  • Sells out frequently

How the Sobakawa Pillow Works

Unlike ordinary pillows, the Sobakawa Pillow, also known as the Sobakawa Cloud, is designed based on a 300-year old idea (the buckwheat pillow) combined with modern science. Each pillow is made in a crescent-shape that is designed to support your neck and head. This is quite a bit different form ordinary pillows that remain flat and offer little in terms of support. However, what really makes the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow different is that it is filled with more than ten million air beads. This allows the pillow to shape and adjust to your head and neck as you sleep during the night.

In addition to the pillow’s unique support system, it has also been designed stay cool throughout the night. The Sobakawa Pillow accomplishes this using by utilizing a breathable fabric and air beads that don’t conduct as much heat. Since the beads don’t absorb as much heat as feathers or foam, it can stay cooler longer. Unlike a regular pillow, you’ll be able to sleep through the night without flipping or fluffing in order to stay cool. Each pillow also comes with a bonus pillow case that further helps keep you and the pillow cool.

Features and Benefits

Without a doubt, the best feature the Sobakawa Pillow offers is its unmatched support and comfort. If you have chronic back and neck pain, there’s a good chance part of that it caused by how you sleep. Sleeping on regular pillows, even those filled with memory foam, can cause your neck and head to be unsupported as you sleep. Seeing as how the average head can weigh from eight to ten pounds, this can cause a lot of stress on your spine. This isn’t an issue with the Sobakawa Cloud, as the beads inside move and adjust to give your neck and head support regardless of your position. A unique crescent design also helps to keep your neck supported as well, as it contours to the shape of your neck.

Sobakawa Pillow Reviews

The beads in the Sobakawa Pillow do not take away from the comfort or softness than you may be accustomed to with your feather or foam pillow. In fact, it seems to be quite the opposite. Due to the fact that the beads are so small, they can more easily give and move around to provide a “cushiony” softness that is unlike any other pillow. It’s certainly called the Sobakawa Cloud for a reason.

Part of that comfort can also be attributed to just how cold the pillow stays regardless of your room or body’s temperature. Due to the science behind the Sobakawa, it has been designed to be one of the coldest pillows ever created. It doesn’t seem to conduct any external heat at all, which is why many ordinary pillows heat up as you sleep. It’s nice to finally be able to sleep through the night without sweating or feeling as though your pillow has become a heating pad.

Is it Worth Your Money?

It’s hard to say without sounding cliché, but the Sobakawa Pillow may be the last pillow you ever buy. Not only is it affordable, it is simply the best pillow you’ll ever try. In reviewing the product, it is difficult to find any faults at all. Not only will it support your neck and head, it does so while providing you with extreme comfort and coolness. Even children can benefit from it, making it a great purchase for everyone in your family. Since it also includes a pillow case with each pillow, you won’t need to worry about finding a special case that fits. It’s also available in a few different sizes, in case you’re looking for a larger option.

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The Sobakawa Pillow appears to have revolutionized the pillow design industry, if there ever were one. It’s natural to have doubts about a product that claims to do as much as this one, but once you try it out for a night, we think you’ll agree that regular pillows do not compare, especially for those with chronic neck pain. The Sobakawa Pillow is available online for $19.99 plus $7.95 shipping & handling.