SpeedOut Screw Remover

SpeedOut Screw RemoverHas it ever happened to you to come across a bolt or screw that will not go further or come out of what you’d lodged it into? That usually happens because bolts and screws become stripped, broken, or otherwise damaged. While it’s nice to know what causes the issue, this doesn’t do much toward solving it – even those well versed at home repairs and very handy have encountered trouble in dealing with such situations. That’s where the SpeedOut Screw Remover from BuySpeedOut.com steps in. But does it work? Our Speed Our Screw Remover review is here to give you the low-down on the drill kit, whether or not it’s as speedy as it claims, and the product’s overall quality.


–          Made of sturdy steel.

–          Compatible with most types of drills.

–          Promises to solve an issue that many have been confronted with in very short spans of time.

–          Works on a lot of screw types (though not on all).


–          For extracting harder types of screws, a regular drill will do a better job.

–          Should be used at slower speeds.

–          Some more expensive similar products would probably do a better job in most cases.Speed-Out-Screw-Remover-review02

SpeedOut Screw Remover: What Is It?

The infomercials on SpeedOut Screw Remover explain this product is able to help you quickly remove screws or bolts that have become stripped or have broken after being inserted inside a mass of material. The screw and bolt extractor comes in a kit which includes four items. The cutter in the kit drills out the part of the bolt or screw that has become damaged. Then the user is supposed to turn the device around and use the extraction function in order to dislodge it from whatever material it had become stuck in. The product is supposed to do all this in less than 10 seconds; the producers also claim it’s compatible with any drill. It takes about 10 to 15 days for the product to be shipped, it comes with a lifetime warranty, a 30 day money back guarantee, and it’s made of hardened steel. One SpeedOut Screw Remover costs $19.95, but you can also choose to purchase two, for $31.90. For $6.95, you can also order an Easy Out Light Bulb Extractor.

How Well Does the SpeedOut Screw Remover Work?

SpeedOut Screw Remover review03The SpeedOut Screw Remover review we read online had tested the device on several types of drills and bolts, lodged into various materials. The testers found the SpeedOut Screw Remover to work in most situations, though not in all. The screw removal kit is also compatible with numerous brands of drills and will do the job in as short a time as advertised in the infomercial. As such, it’s safe to say the SpeedOut Screw Remover will work well, especially if used at a slower speed and with bolts and screws that are not made of hard materials.

Potential Drawbacks

Another SpeedOut Screw Remover review we found online explained that the product will not do such a good job at unscrewing bolts or screws that are made of very tough materials. Meanwhile, a regular drill could provide better solutions in such cases. At the same time, if it’s hard metal you’re dealing with on a regular basis, perhaps you should consider investing into a more expensive similar product.

Is the SpeedOut Screw Remover Good for You?

Our SpeedOut Screw Remover review ends with a generally positive verdict. The product usually works as advertised, but be aware of the fact that delivery times can be slow. Moreover, those looking to remove many screws or bolts had better choose a more expensive professional removal drill kit.

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