My Spy Birdhouse

My Spy BirdhouseHave you ever wondered what goes on inside a birdhouse when all the birds are inside? What do they do? How do they behave? If you’re an avid birdwatcher, then the My Spy Birdhouse might just be the product you’ve been waiting for. The birdhouse allows users to see inside through a two-way mirror. Our My Spy Birdhouse review is here to tell you whether or not the product actually delivers on its claim, as well as if its well-built and resistant. Read on to find out!


–          The two-way mirror allows humans to watch the birds in their natural environment without disturbing them.

–          The house is built of good quality, sturdy materials.


–          The suction cups with which the birdhouse is affixed to the window may not sustain the weight of the product in time.

–          The waiting time for delivery is around 6 weeks, which some buyers have found too long.

–          Buyers may receive sales calls, which could be linked with the My Spy Birdhouse order.

My Spy Birdhouse: What Is It?My-Spy-birdhouse-review01

The My Spy Birdhouse is, as the name aptly suggests, a birdhouse – only it is a birdhouse with a difference. This As Seen on TV product allows children and adults alike to do something they might have dreamt of all their lives: see what goes on when the birds are inside their house. The birdhouse comes with a two-way mirror attached, so that the birds don’t see that someone is ‘spying’ on them, as that might stress them and affect their behavior. The product also comes with a “Do Not Disturb” curtain which can cover the mirror when need be. It can be attached either with three suction cups which purportedly work in all types of weather, as well as double duct tape, for further strength in colder climates. It is also accompanied by a front perch for the birds to rest on, as well as a Bird Guide. Buyers can also opt for an Up Close Bird Feeder, which costs $6.99.

How Well Does the My Spy Birdhouse Work?

As an online My Spy Birdhouse review explains, it’s important both for the birds, as well as for the humans, to follow the instructions to a tee when installing the product. The My Spy Birdhouse should be placed in an area with low traffic, on a window which is not situated in direct sunlight, some 6 feet off the ground. As per the date this article was written, most reviewers and users said the birdhouse works as advertised and is generally of good quality.

Potential Drawbacks


At least one other My Spy Birdhouse review suggests that buyers are likely to receive sales calls for other products after placing their order for this one. While it is impossible to precisely determine whether the producers of the birdhouse sell client information to third-party advertisers, it is, however, highly likely that they do. Some users have expressed concern over the strength of the suction cups, although others have confirmed that the product will hold out just fine if the duct tape is also used to attach it to the window.

Is the My Spy Birdhouse Good for You?

The verdict of our My Spy Birdhouse Review is that the product is good quality and works just as advertised. However, given the long waiting time for the order to arrive and the costs, which are relatively high for a birdhouse, interested buyers might look into more affordable variants, or even into DIY solutions. It’s also worth wondering how powerful the hold of the suction cups is.

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