Sticky Buddy Review

Dirt, lint and pet dander are common problems for many people, and because of this, they turn to lint rollers to help keep their homes and clothes clean. Buying these rollers often can be expensive, though, and the paper sheets are messy and hard to keep clean when not in use. The Sticky Buddy is a completely reusable cleaning roller, but how does it compare to paper rollers?

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sticky buddyPros:

  • Completely reusable
  • Easy to clean
  • Stays sticky even after repeated use
  • Doesn’t leave a residue
  • Comes with a cover


  • Only available in two sizes
  • Bright yellow color scheme

What is the Sticky Buddy?

The Sticky Buddy is a cleaning tool that in many respects resembles a typical lint roller. Unlike the lint rollers you typically find, however, this roller does not use sticky paper sheets. In fact, it doesn’t use any disposable refills of any kind. Using a unique squishy material, this roller picks up dirt, dust, dander and more, and then can be cleaned with soap and water to be used again. The material is completely reusable, and no matter how many times it’s used or cleaned, it stays as sticky as ever.

In addition to the unique reusable material utilized by the Sticky Buddy, several other enhancements are built into the device. One such feature is the use of small rubber fingers that can be used to reach deep into fabrics and carpets in order to clean messes you may not be able to see. These fingers agitate dust and dirt that may be stuck, and then uses the sticky material on the roller to pick them up. Another useful feature is that every roller comes with a cover that can be used to keep the roller clean when it isn’t in use.

As an added bonus, every purchase of the full-size Sticky Buddy includes a travel-sized version. This smaller version of the roller can be placed in your pocket or purse to help clean messes while you’re on the go. While it doesn’t come with a cover, it does fold up so that it can stay clean until it’s ready to be used. It even features the same rubber fingers that you find on the larger roller. And just like the big version, it comes clean with just a little soap and water.

Features and Benefits

The most apparent benefit to buying a Sticky Buddy instead of a standard lint roller is the fact that it is reusable. While cheap lint rollers are readily available, the cost of buying them over time definitely adds up. In no time at all, you will have spent more on regular lint rollers than you would have on the Sticky Buddy. The fact that it doesn’t use paper sticky pads also means you won’t have to deal with ripping or replacing dirty sheets. Simply dipping and drying this roller is much simpler than dealing with the headaches that normal paper lint rollers cause.

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This also leads to one of the other big benefits of using the Sticky Buddy, and that is that it is extremely easy to use to clean up almost any mess. For medium to large sized messes, you’d normally use a vacuum cleaner. The material on this roller is so powerful, however, you can use it instead to clean up big messes much more quickly and without lugging out a heavy vacuum.

Deeper cleaning can even be achieved thanks to the rubber fingers attached to each roller. It’s also one of the easiest to clean tools you’ll ever use, as well, since it can be cleaned with just soap and water. Once dried with a clean towel, it can be used again immediately.

Lastly, the Sticky Buddy is one of the most durable cleaning devices available. The material used on the roller is unique in that it never loses its sticky quality even after multiple uses. If the device is used properly, it’s likely it will never have to be replaced. The plastic used to frame the roller is quite durable as well, allowing it to withstand regular use without cracking or breaking. It even has a satisfaction guarantee in case you’re not happy with it after trying it out.

Issues and Concerns

While there are a lot of great things to say about the Sticky Buddy, there are a few minor flaws that should be pointed out. One such issue with the product is that it is only available in two different sizes. Granted, there aren’t many messes that can’t be cleaned up with the normal size roller, but a long-handled version could have been useful.

The last issue is somewhat more of an irritation than an actual problem, and that is the bright yellow color used by the unit. It doesn’t have any effect on the product’s usefulness, though, so it isn’t much of a concern.

Sales and Deals

If you decide to buy the Sticky Buddy, be sure to look around to try and find the best deal you can. It is already pretty cheap, though, so finding a store that will sell it for less than the retail price is likely to be difficult. Currently it seems as though the official shop is offering the best deal.

sticky buddy reviews

Right now they are doubling every order, so essentially you’re getting a free set with every purchase. It’s likely these offers will change, though, so don’t wait if you see a deal that you like.


The Sticky Buddy may not be able to replace every cleaning tool you own, but at the very least it can replace the multitudes of paper lint rollers you buy. Buying refills or new rollers may seem cheap at first, but the costs add up. A completely reusable roller like the Sticky Buddy is a much more economical purchase, and since you don’t have to deal with sticky paper refills, it will save you more time in the long run as well.