Stompeez Review

Let’s face it; kids love cute things. Cute shirts, cute toys and cute shoes are all adored by young children. Some kids love their shoes so much they try to wear them all the time, even in the house, which can lead to problems with dirt and mud. Stompeez could be a solution, with slippers so cute kids will take dirty shoes off right at the door.

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  • Cute designs
  • Fun pop-up features
  • Super comfortable
  • Built to last
  • Appeals to boys and girls


  • No adult sizes
  • Recommended for indoors only

What are Stompeez?

Stompeez are a new kind of slipper designed especially for kids. Each pair is designed to look like an animal or cute fantasy creature. Each pair of slippers also has a surprise; when kids walk or stomp their feet, their slippers come to life. Some feature pop-up eyes and mouths, and others have pop-up ears. As the child walks around, the pop-up features will entertain them and everyone else around the house.

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Each pair of Stompeez is built to last, using high-quality, super comfortable material. While they’re soft and cuddly to the touch, each pair is made with durable stitching made to withstand all kinds of play around the house. They’re available in a variety of kids’ sizes ranging from small to x-large, and in a variety of adorable designs as well. Kids can choose from Playful Blue Puppy, Sir One-Eyed Monster, Growlin’ Dragon, Peek-A-Boo Kitty, Perky Puppy, Be-Bop Bunny, and Unusual Unicorn.

Features & Benefits

Stompeez ReviewsFor kids, the main draw of Stompeez will be the fact that they are cute slippers that they can also play with. There are few to no other slippers that can essentially double as toys, so these slippers will really capture a child’s attention and imagination. Each design will bring hours of enjoyment to a child as they simply walk and stomp around the house enjoying the friendly faces on their new slippers. They can even show them off to friends at sleepovers.

For adults, these slippers hold a whole different sets of benefits. First off, it encourages kids to take off their regular shoes while in the house. This means that no more dirt, mud and other outdoor germs are traipsed around the house. Overall, a child wearing slippers will be less likely to dirty up furniture as well. Another big benefit is knowing your child will keep their feet warm while walking around. And since the designs are so adorable, they’ll actually want to wear them even when it isn’t cold.

One thing everyone will love is that every pair of slippers is made with high-quality materials that are meant to last a long time. Even after repeated use, the stitching all around the slippers still holds up as durable as when they were first purchased. This is true of the pop-up feature as well. No matter how hard a child stomps, the pop-up features still work. And since they’re unlikely to break, you won’t have to worry about a crying child.

Are They a Good Value?

There isn’t any doubt that Stompeez are a great value for anyone looking to buy slippers for their child. These slippers are comparably priced to other slippers on the market that aren’t half as cute or half as well-made. Not to mention the fact that only these slippers feature the unique pop-up play feature the children are sure to love.

Stompeez Wuggle Pets Offer

While there are sure to be some slippers that are cheaper, they’re almost always so bland that a child wouldn’t want to wear them and they essentially become a waste of money. That isn’t the case here. In fact, you may have trouble getting your kids to take Stompeez off before going outside; that’s how attached they’ll become to them.

If you’re looking to get the slippers at an even better value, the official site occasionally offers special deals to customers as well. For instance, as of this review’s publication, the site is offering 20% off each additional pair of slippers. Not only that, they offer free shipping on additional slippers as well if you order more than three. The best part is that both offers currently combine as well, so keep your eyes peeled for additional savings.


Stompeez are great products that actually work better than advertised. Kids of all ages will love them, play with them, and cherish them for years to come. Even if you’re buying them as a gift, you can rest comfortably knowing that they’ll last for years thanks to durable stitching and high-quality materials. Overall, these slippers are a great value and they’re worth checking out. They even have a 60-day money back guarantee in the off-chance you aren’t satisfied, so you have nothing to lose.