Stone Wave Microwave Cooker Review

The days of preparing home-cooked meals on a regular basis are a thing of the past. Between work, school and extra curricular activities, squeezing in the simplest meals can be virtually impossible and hardy, lovingly prepared cuisine is out of the question. However, if you would love to offer your family the goodness of home cooking, without rearranging everyone’s schedule, the Stone Wave, from may be the answer to your conundrum.

You are likely to be a bit skeptical about being able to cook anything but prepackaged, frozen food in your microwave. Since your thoughts are probably justifiable, based on past experiences, lets investigate the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker and its claims to determine if it is as great as it seems.


  • Stone Wave Microwave Cooker ReviewNaturally Non-Stick Surface Cuts Out Fats and Oils
  • Allows You to Get More Use Out of Your Microwave
  • Heat Resistant Comfort Grip Handle
  • Fully Cooks Meals in Minutes
  • Convenient Size, Simultaneously Use Up to 4 Cookers in a Standard Microwave
  • Portable; Perfect for Traveling, Business Trips, College, etc.
  • Free Recipe Book Offers Numerous Simple Dishes
  • Promotes Portion Control
  • Kids Who Can Safely Operate the Microwave Can Easily Prepare Meals
  • Easy to Clean and Dishwasher Safe
  • Buy One, Get One Free Offer


  • No Other Color or Size Options
  • Not Yet Available in Stores

Stone Wave Microwave Cooker: What Is It?

The Stone Wave Microwave Cooker is a ceramic dish that allows you to easily prepare scrumptious, gourmet quality food in just minutes, all from the convenience of your microwave. No more spending all of your spare time in the kitchen or subjecting your family to the questionable content of fast food. With the Stone Wave, you never need to sacrifice quality or flavor for convenience because you can truly have it all.

Whether you are cooking a hardy breakfast, a quick lunch, a flavorful dinner, savory snacks, or a decadent dessert, this amazing little cooker will deliver delicious foods that no one will believe were cooked in the microwave.

The compact design makes it perfect for those who need to prepare separate dishes for different people, college students who do not have access to a full kitchen, travelers who do not want to live off of costly and unhealthy fast food, or individuals and couples who only want to waste excess food. Conversely, it is also ideal for families because up to four cookers can easily fit in a standard microwave. In addition, since the manufacturers understand that you will need more than one Stone Wave to feed your family, they are offering a second cooker for free.

How Well Does It Work?

The Stone Wave Microwave Cooker is constructed of a unique ceramic material that heats evenly, resulting in baked food, right from your microwave. Reviewers were pleased that the handle is hollow and heat resistant, so they did not need to worry about burning themselves. Another favorite feature about the Stone Wave is the specially designed chimney that releases steam, while maintaining the ideal amount of heat to perfectly cook your food. This was a big relief to people who had seen “microwaveable” dishes literally explode in the microwave due to pressure building under the lid and having no exit.

Stone Wave Microwave Cooker Review

Another thing that received added reviewer commendation was that you do not have to alter the way that you prepare the food, only the cooking method. Some people commented that they were a bit concerned that they would need to get used to completely new recipes, foregoing traditional ones. Thankfully, this is not the case.

Potential Drawbacks

There were only a couple of negative things that people mentioned:

There are no other color or size options. While the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker only comes in one size, most users appreciated that it makes it easier to cook for one or two people. Many reviewers also mentioned that if the cooker were larger it would be too cumbersome and bulky. Besides, there is always the option of using more than one if you need to cook for more guests. As many people noted, the color and style of the cooker make it complementary to most kitchen decor. If it does not suit the decor, it does not need to be permanently on display; simply use it when it is needed and take advantage of its compact size when it is not in use.

It is not available in stores at this point. It is true; as with most “As Seen On TV” products, the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker is currently limited to online and telephone orders. One reason people prefer to buy from local stores is the high-pressure sales pitch they are met with over the phone. While phone reps are typically friendly, they are sales driven and their main goal is to get you to buy. Therefore, if you have an aversion to upsales or feel too weak to say no to a telephone salesperson, opt for online ordering. Online and telephone ordering does have its benefits: the buy one get one free offer will most likely be limited to these buying methods.

Stone Wave Microwave Cooker Review

Is It Right For You?

Even if you enjoy preparing healthier, more economical meals for yourself and your family, but cannot find the time or would prefer to do other things with your free time than be a slave to your kitchen, the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker is your answer. It has a great design and cooks great food in a fraction of the time, just as it claims.

None of the people who reviewed the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker exhibited buyer’s remorse, as they all seemed fairly satisfied with their purchase and agreed that they would recommend it to a friend. So, it is reasonable to assume that if you buy it you may make similar recommendations to friends. Of course, if you recommend it too highly to your friends, they may try to swindle you out of your free one.


  1. dolores gardner says:

    i saw and ad on t.v. last night for cathy mitchells stone wave cook book. didn’t get any more info. is it any chance to order it on web? it was $10. would love to have one . i have stone wave and love it .
    thank you for any help. dolores gardner sac. ca.

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