Tag Away Review

Is Tag Away The Skin Product For You?

The skin product Tag Away has been getting a lot of buzz recently for its purported effectiveness as a natural way of removing skin tags. Skin tags are a big problem for many people, and while they aren’t necessarily dangerous, they are very unsightly and they can be very difficult to remove. Can this inexpensive solution really live up to its claims of removing ugly skin tags?


– Doesn’t use any unnatural chemicals
– Capable of removing tags without pain
– Cheaper than other removal treatments
– Uses natural plant extracts
– Completely safe to use at home
– Each bottle works for 60 or more treatments


– Can take some time to work completely

Tag Away: What Is It?

According to the manufacturer, Tag Away is an all-natural topical treatment meant to dry out and eventually remove skin tags after a period of time. Formulated in the USA and approved by the Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia Convention of the United States, this product uses plant extracts in place of the chemical compounds typically found in skin treatment products. The product comes packaged as a liquid contained in a small bottle which can then be applied with a swab to the skin. Each small bottle can purportedly be used for more than 60 applications, which should be enough to remove one or two tags depending on their severity. It is intended only for use on skin tags, however, so using it on other skin conditions is not recommended and likely won’t yield any positive results.

In addition to being all-natural, there are several other ways that differentiate Tag Away from competing skin tag treatments. While the product’s ultimate goal is to dry and remove tags of skin, it is unique in that it claims to do so without inflicting any pain on the user. The cost of the treatment is also a big way in which this product is different. Whereas surgery and other topical treatments can cost in the hundreds of dollars, one small bottle of this product will cost you less than filling up your car with gas.

How Well Does It Work?

Thankfully for skin tag sufferers out there, Tag Away really does live up to all of its claims. After using the product for a month or so, even bigger skin tags dry away and fall off without any pain at all. In fact, it says a lot that there isn’t any discomfort at all during the entire process from the first application to the day your skin tag falls off. Being able to remove skin tags without the fear of hurting yourself in any way is surely something that skin tag sufferers have been waiting for anxiously. It’s definitely a far cry from the pain and expense that you’d have to endure if you visited a doctor to have you skin tags removed.

It’s also pretty remarkable that Tag Away doesn’t have to rely on unnatural chemicals to achieve impressive results. Whereas other skin treatments can use potentially harmful chemicals like types of acid, this product is able to dry out skin tags using only extracts derived from plants. If you worry about the potential side effects that chemical-laden medications could produce, then having a natural alternative is definitely something you’ll welcome with open arms. The fact that is formulated in the USA is sure to be a plus to many consumers as well.

It’s also worth noting that Tag Away is significantly cheaper than most of the other tag removal products and treatments available. One tiny bottle of the product can easily remove one to two skin tags depending on their size and severity, and all for an extremely small price. The official store for the product is even offering a second free bottle with every purchase currently, which makes the overall cost per treatment even lower. If you’re looking to get rid of your skin tags on the cheap, this certainly seems to be your best option.

Downsides of the Product

The only real downside of Tag Away is that it can take some time to work. Users will need to apply the solution several times each day until the skin tag dries up completely and detaches from the surrounding skin. In some cases this can take as little as a few weeks but in some cases can take up to a few months. If you really need a skin tag removed immediately, this isn’t the best option. It should be noted however that no treatment can remove a skin tag instantly without damaging the surrounding skin. This product can take time to work, but since it’s essentially pain free, the wait is definitely worthwhile.

Is It Right For You?

Overall, Tag Away is a great choice for anyone looking to remove skin tags. Even if the product wasn’t painless and all-natural, the fact remains that it is simply one of the most affordable solutions you can find for permanently removing skin tags. Once you factor that the product works painlessly and doesn’t rely on any unnaturally substances, it becomes clear that it really is suitable for absolutely anyone. There aren’t any known side effects either, making it safe for practically anyone to use. While it won’t remove your skin tags immediately, it will do so fairly quickly and without leaving any scars or other damage. It even comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, which allows you to try Tag Away out and come to your own conclusions without any risk at all.

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  1. Have been using it for four days so far. Saturate the cotton on a Q tip and dab it repeatedly on my 2 skin tags in my arm pits. The smell of tag away is definitely noticeable and my wife hates the smell. I tell her that most strong medicines taste or smell bad and it is just par for the course. I notice a little burning and pinching sensation after applying this liquid. The sensation only lasts for about 2 minutes. I take this as the liquid is working.

  2. when I dab it on my under arm skin tags it feels like buring and pinching at the same time. This sensation is very tolerable.It means the stuff is working. This sensation wears off after a while. The scent takes getting used to. I had some on my finger and my dog backed off from me. That is how bad it smells.

  3. The product took 6 weeks to arrive, nobody called me to say it’s back ordered, I had to find for myself after a month of waiting, meanwhile telemarketers kept on calling me on behalf of tagaway offering other products. needless to say I was annoyed with the company before I even received the product. After the product arrived I started using it religiously hoping that it would help with my skin tags. 8 weeks later, nothing! absolutely nothing. All I got was the disagreable smell of the product and if it only worked. Serves me right for believing in an infomercial. Don’t make the same mistake, Tagaway does not work, and it stinks big time.

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