Should I Buy Clever Grip Online?

Ever since the proliferation of smartphones, it’s pretty clear that their use has more or less taken over our lives. That is, of course, arguably bad because it makes us waste more time and supposedly alienates us, but if you look at it less pessimistically, anyone can see that the use of smartphones and social networks have actually made our lives much better and easier. Furthermore, despite what … [Read more...]

Grab Bags As Seen on TV Graded Review

Going shopping is to me as much of a pleasure and vice as it a necessity, and even if I try a more organized approach to it, it can still get pretty chaotic. With only two hands, it’s humanly impossible to handle your personal bag, your wallet, the shopping list or lists or the printed coupons and everything else necessary while also stuffing your shopping cart or grocery bags and also … [Read more...]

Avoid Expensive Tickets with Photoblocker Spray

They're the bane of almost every motorist; red light cameras. While they claim to help keep the roads safe, red light cameras often make mistakes and leave innocent motorists with expensive tickets they don't deserve. They work by taking a photo of your license plate as you pass through a red light, so if you can prevent the camera from capturing your plate number, you have no way of getting a … [Read more...]

Ped Egg Review

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some kind of a magic kit that gave your feet a professionally-looking pedicure right at home without all the fuss of making a reservation, going to the salon and having to pay quite a sum for each such session? Well, the Ped Egg seems to be the answer to this wish. As the name implies, it’s basically a quick pedi session in an egg (the tool itself is shaped like one). … [Read more...]

InStyler Rotating Hot Iron

Being able to change your hair as often and as varied as possible is to many women an essential part of expressing their personality. But since going to the salon as often as the mood strikes is not really an option – either in terms of time or in terms of the total costs – curling and straightening irons were invented. Among these, the Instyler Rotating Hot Iron was advertised as a high-power, … [Read more...]

Chop Magic Food Chopper

People who cook regularly know that the largest amount of time in the cooking process is wasted in the preparation period, when you have to clean, chop, slice and dice all the ingredients to have them ready for being turned into a delicious meal. But not everybody is so fond of this routine, as many have an increased sensitivity and actually suffer when chopping onions, for instance, while others, … [Read more...]

Handy Gourmet 2 Tier Microwave Steamer

How would it be to be able to steam vegetables, fish, sea food like shrimps or crab legs inside your microwave oven, thus significantly reducing your cooking time on the stove and still preserve all the vitamins and nutritious juices of the veggies all in one basket, for a healthy, full meal with no fuss and no effort? How easy would it be to have a recipient to be able to cook two dishes in the … [Read more...]

Easy Feet Foot Cleaner & Massager

When we are young, everything seems possible, but as we advance in age, trivial tasks like washing the dishes or picking up the newspaper from downstairs can become quite difficult. One of the most annoying things is not being able to bend over in the shower, to clean ones feet. With the Easy Feet Foot Cleaner & Massager this must not be a problem any longer. According to producers, this … [Read more...]

Big Boss Rapid Wave Convection Countertop Oven

How many times did you want to cook fast and, not only that, but to be able to be flexible in your cooking choices and switch between roasting, broiling, baking, air frying, grilling, boiling and steaming without using too much oil, but following the principles of a low fat cooking lifestyle? How many times did you wish to have a cooking device to leave unsupervised and do other house chores, … [Read more...]

Night View Glare Reduction Night Vision Glasses

Driving at night can be a pain for most, especially with the traffic and nighttime glare, not to mention that during bad weather, such as rainy or snowy days, safe driving can be limited by our capacity of seeing poorly in such conditions. Wouldn’t it be great to have a pair of glasses or some eye-wear that would block any type of glare and ease our way come rain or come shine? How many times did … [Read more...]